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===[COMMITTED]===Temple of Capitoline Jupiter (wonder)


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If my eyes don't fail me, he's rendering with cycles, and using a glossy shader for the metallic parts like the base of the columns. However, using only a glossy shader makes the object to only reflect the surroundings without any diffused color. Using a mix node to mix glossy and diffuse shader would let the diffuse color to show while keeping the glossiness. However, none of these shader setups would be of any use in the engine, it's just for showcasing purposes.

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How is that? I reckon the gold is in the diffuse texture?

Yes, it is, but I used the spec map as specular color and mixed it via fresnel/ior. The gold is in the diffuse color, but there is also a white in the spec map. The effect is, that mostly the glossines is chosen, which appears to be gray because of the environment. I fixed it, by multiplying the spec map with the diffuse map and using the result as input for the Glossy shader. This results in colored reflections, which is correct for the metals but incorrect for the non-metals. I'd need a metalness or specular color map to be physically correct, but I don't have one ;) It's just a fast done shader for showcase, so there is no need to create extra textures just for this purpose.

And I'm currently working on the pediment texture ;)

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I think the whole front part of roof should have statues.


Also, rooftiles should be bronze or gold. I suggest reuse rooftiles texture (diffuse and parallax) from Parthenon, but make them bronze color and highly specular.

The practice of coating ceilings with gold first began in Rome with the Capitolium, after the overthrow of Carthage [in 146 BC].… The contemporaries of Catulus held differing opinions about him, as the one responsible for gilding the bronze tiles of the Capitolium's roof [76 BC].

- Pliny the Elder

I really like the dimensions of this temple. You capture them really well my friend. And I can't wait to see the AO map.

EDIT: I take a look at it in Atlas. The shapes and proportions are pretty accurate. I think there is a lot of texture stretching in the UV mapping that need taken care of though. Also, you are missing this line in a lot of your actors: <material>player_trans_ao_parallax_spec.xml</material>

I'd brighten up the quadriga texture (and yellow slightly hue- I did that myself and it brings out a lot of detail, also 1024^2 is way too big, I resized it to 256^2 and it still look fine), fix stretching on textures UV Mapping, add more statues along front of roof, and add the bronze roof tiles. This will look awesome. (also, maybe scale it down a little -15%, it looks a little big compare to Hanging Gardens and will looks large next to Colosseum). What say you? Also, whole structure need recentered pushed back a little so that footprint lines look right and not clipped by stairs.

Here you see I brighten quadriga texture and brighten the spec map considrbly.


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It's a little big, compared to something like the Great Pyramid and Hanging Gardens in the game. I think could have these change:

- Maybe reduce size slightly, by 10% and reposition model to be centered correct.

- Bronze roof tiles. Probably use the Parthenon rooftile texture for base and make bronze variation of this texture.

- Some of the UV mapping texture stretch, can be fix.

- Weld some of the model's seems for less aliasing when rendered.

- More bronze statues along front of roof.


This already look great so far, but can be improved to be perfect.


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