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Instead of fighting I come up with new idea that is best of all worlds IMHO.

Imagine a tech web, instead of a tech tree:


You start at the top and research downward. Each new web strand makes 2 other strand become available. Of course the ages still unlock the those rows of techs, but you can always go back and research any available technology. Eventially you can research them all if you have enough time and money, but it still makes it so there are choices like the pairs (but different and better, you can go back and research what you chose not to research before). Every building with techs could have such a web as this. Of course some bigger than others.

(my mod includes Imperial Phase, so just ignore that part, because vanilla game does not have this phase)

This looks really really great. Just one thing- can there be more improvements in the beginning and less in the end so u can develop from the beginning in more different ways.

It should coexist or even merge with paired tech system because this one is also great idea

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