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  1. seems perfect to me woman can not build military buildings, but if you order infantryman to build it and stop him immediately , she will be able to do it for him from grounds. In some maps i saw wells, it would be great to boost farming around them
  2. i do not i do not know even know what is it
  3. i use windows xp professional 2002 i have not built anything, i thought it is enough to install game and run Atlas crashlog.dmp crashlog.txt
  4. i m sorry i do not know how to attach crashlog.dmp file using this toolbar of forum
  5. i copied whole crashlog.txt file here: The Atlas UI was not successfully loaded and therefore cannot be started as requested. Location: Atlas.cpp:46 (ATLAS_Run) Call stack: (error while dumping stack: No stack frames found) errno = 0 (No error reported here) OS error = 2 (The system cannot find the file specified.) ==================================== that s it. It crushes at the moment of opening after I doubleclick icon.
  6. When I try to open atlas map editor, it crushes, and writes following text: Much to our regret we must report the program has encountered an error. Please let us know at http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ and attach the crashlog.txt and crashlog.dmp files. Details: unhandled exception (Breakpoint) Location: unknown:0 (?) Call stack: (error while dumping stack: No stack frames found) errno = 42 (?) OS error = 2 (The system cannot find the file specified.) Any idea why, and is it possible to fix this problem?
  7. Ever thought of certain political building for every civ to accept or decline historically accurate political decisions /reforms/ influencing faction behavior that way?
  8. nemesis of roman empire had easy but great hero system
  9. 4 different kinds of gatherers in the game. That sounds great!But as it includes fishermen and trading, there re only 2 regular gatherers. Still better than 1.
  10. Slave Unit idea Slave Unit should be cheap, not available in first phase. It should be great in mining and not so good in constructing. It should be much more useful than other gatherers, and became core gathering unit (of Athens for example) in later phases. It should rebel and became hostile when no military units nearby to watch them. Slaves can not be forgotten just because they re forgotten in previous rts games. They played an important role in this period- for example in Athenian democracy there were 4 slaves per 1 citizen. i saw there was idea of slave unit, pity it was abandoned.
  11. Nothing alike taxes, seems as you have not read about my idea at all. Stay in peace
  12. ----I'd rather see a larger focus on caravans, corrals (which is being worked on), perhaps even a fertile terrain mechanic so that map control matters even more---- I totally agree about caravans, regarding corrals best of luck to thee who work with them, they gonna need it to find a proper place in game logic for them, they were useless like males nipple in Aoe III . These fertile terrain is excellent thing, i mentioned it earlier. ------If it doesn't change the game fundamentally, then all it really does is give coders extra work doesn't it?------ regarding these farm ideas, there re small ideas, and good ones, i suppose. U can take them or not. Neither makes them good or bad. We do not come with small ideas only, we come with different ideas on different topic. I did not understand that small ideas are forbidden. I am just big supporter of realism. Never played Warcraft, starcraft and other Smurfs for that reason. When buildings out of players territory start to lose their health for no reason my heart cries
  13. there is nothing so different It is just a really really slight difference: a little bit more realistic, and not copy-paste variant from other RTS I think set of this mini changes can make difference between <another-in-row good but seen RTS> and Great one. Another one i mentioned several times: U just cant have farms around Town centre, because you did a copy-paste thing from previous RTSgames. It is not natural. No village in history had farms around its centre, not to mention towns and Cities and Capitals. Drop sites should be drop sites and town centre mustn't be one. And i see <another-in-row good but seen RTS> trap as most dangerous for this excellent project.
  14. Alas, i am a lawyer, not a programmer. But i am really fond for this kind of historic RTS for which i feared were abandoned (actually only genre i played ), and this project made me very happy and excited.
  15. This looks really really great. Just one thing- can there be more improvements in the beginning and less in the end so u can develop from the beginning in more different ways. It should coexist or even merge with paired tech system because this one is also great idea
  16. I support Qwerty s idea on farm replenishing as ORIGINAL and AUTOMATIC
  17. bah, i always lean towards complexity Really do not know how complex it is to develop, but something alike is seen in AOE III. It is called experience and its purpose are Home town shipments, with some differences in acquiring from Wealth idea. quote ---Not to mention the frustrating hours a newcomer must spend to grasp a rather complex formula.---- this is formula for makers, and player just has to grow his town and Wealth will grow. Simple as that I am just searching for some different solutions from those in AOE AOM EE. Like advancing system, like farms around City centre and so on. I think only original ideas differ great game from good game. If any of my ideas is to enter game, i would be proud.
  18. Some games do have it, some do not. I did not like it in AoM. It shows too much. Still i think that should not be included, for earlier arguments. At least in the beginning you should choose nation because of your fondness for it and your knowledge of its history. Not because of tech tree. Even worse i think game should never give you exact number of villagers working on certain resource at moment, and some other info also. explore, discover, check, count Tech tree is in no way fundamental. Totally agree there re some easy-to-frustrate gamers. Let them drive GTA Opinions are meant to differ )
  19. As for faction dependance i thought about difference up to 15 percent, but it is unimportant for idea This is core: in my opinion it is more logical for phases to be result of an ALL inclusive pop/eco/military/building/tech increase formula called Wealth, then just a number of buildings.
  20. Do not like it. This way of fortifications is characteristic for Middle Ages, it does not have anything in common with this period of history.
  21. One idea: Nation wealth could be an new fresh parameter in game. Not a resource to gather, but a counter/number representing economy strength (it increases with resources gathered, new techs, units and buildings - something like GrossDomesticProduct in reality. It should also depend on each nations historical wealth - for example Gauls can not acquire wealth in same speed as Romans). Its only purpose should be meeting a condition for advancing in next phase, replacing building a number of buildings, which is current state and which looks artificial. As it would not be gathered or spent, just calculated and represented in Civic Centre, i think the idea might be considered.
  22. I think totally opposite: Do not chew game for players, let them explore it, they will love it much more. Do not provide them shortcuts, because they will get bored much faster. The less information they get, the more information they find out themselves,the better.
  23. Agree Just wrote few ideas to make them matter much more.
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