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[Tutorial] Creation of units


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Here I post my tutorial about template modding and unit creation.

Enjoy! I hope you learn a lot of it! If you still have some questions, feel free to ask. :artist:

edit: the resulting files can be found here:



From now on, the tutorial can be found in the wiki:


This wiki page contains additional info (compared to the pdf document) with regards to setting up your mod, to work with the Mod Selector found in 0 A.D.

Tutorial Unit creationv1.pdf

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For the folder structure it could be easiest to check out from our generic mod-pack github folder. Though there might exist some mods in there at some point. Those could be seen as further examples. Contributing back is easy then too.

Just for the case that not everyone wants to create a total mod, but only some specials and extensions.

I call it mod-pack to indicate a more modular and reuse philosophy. As the art in there is new/additive (even if it reuses another public mod) it's not really a modification but rather an addition. A addon-pack full of modded or entirely new units might fit best.

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well i downloaded a mod called rise of east, to get a better understanding of how it works and learn by seeing how they have done it. so i went to the mod selection and picked rise of east, and it works when i play it and everything.

but then i would expect they units to be there in the scenario editor but i cant find them. and the rise of east map isnt there either.

i also tried following the tutorial but cant find the unit either. not sure what im doing wrong

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Just out of curiosity... does the "what you see is what you get" tool called "actor editor" work for pyrogenesis anymore?

I look at the wiki and I see a lot of work being done in notepad.

I thought I remember actor editor being integrated into Atlas at one point. Does it still work today?

Not sure I would call it WYSIWYG, but yes it does still work. Not sure it supports 100% of all the things you can do with an actor, but I don't know actors well enough to be sure :P I'm also uncertain about whether or not it works on Linux/Mac or just Windows, if the latter that might explain at least part of it + I guess not everyone is aware of it :unsure:

The Actor Viewer is integrated into Atlas, don't remember if the Actor Editor ever was :unsure: , but in either case it isn't now.

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The actor editor was a pretty handy tool for people that were not familiar with modifying xml tools. It also caught a lot of mistakes before you made them. I guess it wasn't documented well enough to pass on the usage to the next generation of developers. There was a lot of elements (groups, variants, random, loading, unloading, prop point recognition, prop point browsing) that really made setting up a a new or editing an existing actor quick and simple to those that aren't familiar with coding and syntax.

I'd encourage not loosing sight of it.

Philip made it and did a fine job IMHO :)

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This tutorial was very helpful, thanks! :)

How do you add prop variants? Say, I want to create a unit with different head props/variants.


Stitched some Gaul units together to recreate Europa Barbarorum - Rome: Total War mod units

Top: Arjoz (Nobles) - gaul_champion_spearman
Mid: Calawre (Champions) - gaul_champion_champion
Bottom: Teceitos (Axe Soldiers) -gaul_infantry_axeman_b

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