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Han stuff concept sketches for fun!


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Hmm... dunno if the mod is still even active tbh :/ .

Just a possible suggestion: Maybe have a Chinese civ included in part 2 in the form of Norther Wei? They're quite different from the Hans so maybe that will aviod the issue of clashing with the mod. The Northern Wei are quite cool actually. They built the famous giant Buddhas of Longmen Grottoes and the Shaolin Temple.

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I knew about the mod, but I expressed myself poorly. I meant if the Chinese can be added to the "standard" version of the game. Thanks for the answer anyway :)

As we foresee our Council of Modders we hope to get a closer link to the dev team .. thus to the repository and finally a complete Mod-activation/deactivation system handled centrally.

The Council of Modders umbrella will help join all the incredibly widespread work around dozens of posts into one mod repository (collection).

The Chinese fit into all epochs of 0 A.D. as they simply were there constantly from thousands of years before 0 until now and into the future (as it seems).

Okay, the religion, borders and cultures were on the move permanently. But that's been on almost every continent. (I think Antartica is the exception .. )

Weren't there other beliefs prior to buddhism? I know the mongols some time converted to islam at least one of their Khans .. shortly before they destroyed the center of islam (Baghdad at those times) and tried to conquer the last remnants in Egypt too (what failed miserably because of successor problems .. well the typical problem, no?).

Anyway ... GREAT ARTWORKS!! High talents in this forum just like on blenderartists ... really amazing ... thanks for sharing!

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Prior to Buddhism, China had Taoism and Confucianism, and Chinese folk religion involving the worship of various local deities has never died out. None of the Chinese religions are exclusive, they overlap, and people follow practices from any or all of them. http://www.patheos.com/Library/Chinese-Religion.html

The Mongols practiced a form of Shamanism, and their chief deity was the Blue Sky. They made no attempt to impose their religion on those they conquered, in China or elsewhere, nor were they exclusive in their worship. Marco Polo recorded a conversation with Khublai Khan where he said, basically, that he honored and prayed to the gods of all 4 major religions so that whichever was greater in heaven would help him. http://afe.easia.columbia.edu/mongols/history/history7.htm

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No, not Japan but only in Okinawa.

An article of ancestor worship:

Ancestor worship occurs in ancient cultures all over the world, and even in modern times it plays an important role in primitive religions. It is founded on the belief that the dead live on and are able to influence the lives of later generations. These ancestors can assert their powers by blessing or cursing, and their worship is inspired by both respect and fear. The ancestor cult consists of praying, presenting gifts, and making offerings. In some cultures, people try to get their ancestors' advice through oracles before making important decisions.

In ancient China and Egypt, the influence of ancestors was very great. They were buried in expensive graves and in Egypt a permanent death cult was instituted. It was generally believed that the lack of veneration would cause the deceased to die a second death, which was for many people an almost unbearable thought.

In nearly every primitive tribal religions of Africa ancestor worship is common practice. The ancestors of the tribe are honored as spirits who preserve the moral standards of tribal life. They are also regarded as the intermediaries between the living and the divine powers. And the ancestor spirits play an important role in the initiation rites. Among some west-African peoples the belief is current that the ancestors reincarnate in their descendants.

In Japan, ancestors were worshiped until 1945. At that time, the Japanese Emperor disclaimed any form of divine ancestry and polytheistic ancestor worship was no longer permitted.

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In Japan, ancestors were worshiped until 1945. At that time, the Japanese Emperor disclaimed any form of divine ancestry and polytheistic ancestor worship was no longer permitted.

I don't believe that's entirely accurate. The site SHINTO CULT OF ANCESTORS sums it up pretty well:

On December 15, 1945, the Supreme Command of the Allies established in Japan the abolition of the Shinto as religion of the State. In agreement to this new status, will no more be obligatory to worship the Emperors' ancestors, and then Shinto passes to integrate only the Japanese personal’s beliefs. This did not diminish, at all, the massive faith in the religion itself.

Ancestor worship (veneration is probably a better word for it than worship, really) is the basis for the Shinto religion, I don't think even the Emperor could have wiped it out with a decree. However, according to Ancestor Worship In Japan , most Japanese men polled in 1981 said they're not believers in any religion, so it may be dying out.

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Define "primitive religion" and "primitive culture". Then explain what they are relatively primitive to.

I don't think your implications are necessarily conscious, but just keep in mind that the rest of the world isn't necessarily Western/Christian-centric. ;)

Ayakashi, even if the mod isn't active, if you want to provide concept arts; continue to do so! You've already gotten several of the WFG members interested in modeling your work.

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A small update from my texturing business:


What it has:

- a roof that adapts nicely the player's color

- Baked AO-maps

What it needs:

- A full re-texture except the roof (and maybe those red bars) since I don't like the wall and wood textures since they lack a certain detail. Same goes for the door. On top of that you still see some seems since the textures weren't placed exactly against each other.

Let me know what you think of it right now!

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