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  1. Thanks for providing files. I successfully exported and added the idle file (from imported HTW_biped_idle1.dae). I used the same procedure as I used for a walking animation. From your Blender file it appears as if the armature was modified (I have no idea why): To the left is the armature from your Blender file, to the right is what I get after importing. You should skip 7. From 4 you need to change the end frame according to your animation (from your Blender file it seems you did it right) and you do not need "d" and "e". I do not know why the armature looks different. It is
  2. Ha-ha. A deal? Well, the cobra is a model made by Micket. So, technically, I kept my side of the bargain :P. Seriously though, I can hardly find time to make animations for one model. Working on two models at the same time is not really an option for me. Thanks for the update. I hope others will find changes useful. I have made several quick test on WIN10 with Python 3.5. It appears to work well. Putting chicken.dae and mastiff.dae resulted in only one file Armature.xml. But there is a warning about that in Readme. Maybe this can be avoided by using the name of the input file
  3. It may actually be that you did nothing wrong. I do not think I can tell what went wrong from the file you exported from Blender. Could you provide a file that you imported in Blender (like the HTW_biped_charge1.dae file), please? I can test if I can export it and add to the game successfully. And see where it fails.
  4. @stanislas69 First of all, let me thank you for making this tool. Here you mentioned that you can make the script to work with a folder: Maybe these suggestions are similar to what you have in mind. A rough explanation of this concept. The main folder contains two empty folders ("input" and "output"), the script itself, a readme file, and a license file. When the script starts it looks inside the "input" folder for .dae files. If there are no .dae files found it shows something like "No .dae files found inside the input folder". Else for every .dae file inside the "input" f
  5. @The Undying Nephalim, please remember that steps described below are a way to test things in the game. It shows how to get from point A to point B without explaining why. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ is a good source of information about getting art files working in the game. It was very useful for making the mod and writing this post. I used Blender 2.78c in default configuration. I can only assume how proficient you are in Blender. But "User Interface" section of the user manual should be enough to follow the steps. https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/dev/interface/index.html
  6. You are welcome. I am glad to hear it works for you. As I have already said, I did not do anything extraordinary. Everything was done with a text editor and Blender. I simply followed the tutorial (kudos to people who created it). I will try to write in detail what I did. Maybe tomorrow.
  7. @The Undying Nephalim You can do what leper suggested: Go to the "Object" tab => change "Entities" to "Actors (all)" in the drop down menu right under "Filter" field => use actor viewer to play walk animation for Htest/Htest_unit.xml. That unit will be the first item in the list. If you are using A21 (the current version from the site, not RC, not SVN) open the mod.json file with a text editor and change 22 to 21 in "dependencies": ["0ad=0.0.22"] Save.
  8. I have not noticed that the message was edited. Sorry @stanislas69. @The Undying Nephalim have you changed "Entities" to "Actors (all)" in the drop down menu right under "Filter" field? @leper I was using SVN version of the game.
  9. stanislas69. The animation plays right in Atlas for me. What do you see? What does not work?
  10. If you are not going to add parts of the unit as props the method of joining them together can be a problem (if said parts used different texture files). But you can create one texture. For example you have four textures then you can combine them into one and adjust UV's accordingly. But I am not sure you make "animated" props (like cape). Maybe someone with better knowledge of the game can clear this up. Also if you join parts together it makes creating variations harder. For example if you need the same unit but with a different shield or sword. The version of the game is A22. But you c
  11. Greetings, The Undying Nephalim. I have tried to get files from this post: into the game. Files have multiple meshes so it did not work without several modifications. I joined all four meshes and followed instructions from the tutorial mentioned already by WhiteTreePaladin: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/AnimationExportTutorial Maybe the following mod can help. You should put it into (for Windows, for another system https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths): C:\users\"User name"\My Documents\My Games\0ad\mods. Then you can start the editor with pyrogenesis.ex
  12. Uploaded the .blend file. It was saved with Blender 2.78c. This file contains initial camera+lamps setup from the original file by Micket and all new animations (made so far) as actions in Action Editor. Also there is a test action I could not get rid of. It serves no purpose. Notable changes to animations: Fixed a clipping issue with idle_01 I totally forgot to fix before rendering. Fixed interpolation issues with idle_02. cobra_animations_WIP_170714.7z If anyone wants to try animations in the game or make additional animations, please consider reading notes below. I
  13. Idle_02 (video file): This one uses parts of the idle_01. Probably it does not differ much from idle_01 to warrant it a place in the pack. Idle_03 will allow to make an animation most suitable for the third slot (a mix of 1 and 3 with a different idle pose). More options for developers to choose from, I suppose. I should warn about an issue with this kind of idle animations. Its size. For example baked idle_01 is approximately 1.8 MB. stanislas69, I will upload the file. If I understood you correctly and that is what you asked for. Off-topic.
  14. Stanislas69. Yeah, I have not posted updates in a long period of time. But there was not much to show except for ugly experiments I was making. The progress was moving at a pace slower than that of a snail (busy spring didn't help much). In retrospect, I should have posted that I am working on it (but I had no idea how long it will take) or rather that I would inform in case of being unable to continue working on this anymore. Well, learning from mistakes (again). As I am done testing everything I wanted to test, all available time will be spent on those four animations mentioned in my pr
  15. A small information update. I was experimenting with different ideas for animations. And from results of those experiments I chose four that looked promising. The work progresses slowly. Idle02 is almost ready (needs several fixes). Idle03 is about 1/3 ready (I can hardly reuse any parts from other animations, ergo this one takes significantly more time than idle02). Because of time required for idles two death animations didn't receive much attention, apart from several iterations. What's next? I'll try to fix remaining issues with idle02 and post a preview during a weekend.
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