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==[TASK]== Etruscan temple

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I have decided to update 3d model of the Etruscan temple and re-UV it for texturing. I've got good results, I guess what poly count can be reduced even more by removing tops of two middle columns which in any case will not be visible to the player.
So far I've got:
  • Reduce poly count from 8,723 (16,419 triangles) to 2,840 (4,674 triangles)
  • New UV map with more texture space for the top part of temple


I am going to tweak the UV map to reduce space for statues as far as in any case the current space not looking very promising and instead to give more space for objects on the roof. After, I will make texture for it.
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Not sure Tobi has given up on that one. However feel free to continue. Not sure if you know but we don't make new textures for building we use the texture set (ie rome_struct celt_struct) We make new textures for props. If you have any question feel free to ask either by pm (You should have five posts to do so) or by the tutorial and guides subforum in the art section.

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Hi Tiro,

You showed that my model had 16k triangles, but this is not at all correct.

I had a subsurf turned on for the pillars, which is nice when baking maps, but would not be used in the final model.

I can only assume you have applied the modifiers, then tried to revert it back to a coarser mesh.

There is only 3699 triangles in my model without these modifiers.


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Hello Micket,

First of all let me apologize in case I have offended you by saying what model has much higher poly count than it is in reality. You are right when I have imported model from FBX file, columns had a much higher polygon count. Looks like when model was exported the subdivision modifier was left active and exported together with columns. I have looked again over my import settings and didn't found any option to prevent this to happen. Perhaps this was caused by how blender export models to fbx or by 3ds Max during the fbx import :(. Below are my import settings. If you have some advice and found my mistake please let me know, this will be highly appreciated.


Maybe fbx captured smoothing data and when 3ds Max imported object it subdivided columns geometry

Any way it is not so important because subdivision glitches are easy to fix in such cases.
In images above I just showed what I get when imported model to 3ds Max and what I was able to achieve after, just this and nothing else.
In general model looks great and I have learned a lot from it, especially nice trick with removing polygons what will be not visible to player to decrease poly count

And again my apology :).

Micket you mentioned about baking. I am wandering what kind of maps can be baked in addition to diffuse. I spent recent days reading on 0 A.D. wiki and as I have understood to model are applied just defuse texture, no normal map no AO are supported. Also stanislas69 pointed me what textures for structural models are predefined in form of texture atlas (I hope this is the right name for this kind of texturing technique). I am very interested in this topic please let me know where I can get more information.


As I said above recent days I have spent a lot of time reading on 0 A.D. Wiki and learned how to import models to Atlas engine :). Bellow is the result of my journey :D





I am not sure if the model size is right in comparison with other buildings. Also I have worked on texture and re UV-ed it 3 times and still I'm not impressed with the results. I get very low resolution on the basement and only way i see to increase texture density I see is to subdivide basement mesh. Now poly count is 3,087 triangles (2, 041 polygons).


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The Wiki is somewhat outdated at certain parts. In addition to diffuse textures, normal and specular maps are available in the texture folder. AO is also supported but model specific and therefore needs to be baked.


In-game however these need to be turned on. The problem is that it is not accessible in the Options menu.

You need to create a config file like described here:



Especially materialmgr.**** is important.

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Hi *Genrih* (sorry)

Please don't think I was in any way offended! I just wanted to point out that there was probably some unnecessary (and perhaps inaccurate) mesh coarsening going on to reduce the triangle count.

The baking I was referring to was just creating nice screenshots, and I mostly model animals (which are textured differently, you could easily just bake a bit of AO directly onto the diffuse texture). That would probably not work with buildings though.

You can just delete the subsurf modifier (it is just applied to the pillars) if you are going to import it to another software (and just reapply a subsurf again if it ever comes to baking AO)

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