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==[TASK]== Etruscan temple

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I'm sorry, I don't quite understand that sentence. Do you think I should make the pillar thinner? I reduced the diameter at the bottom now at least.

Experimenting with a more detailed roof. Quite neat.

1599 triangles with the very detailed roof


and if you bump up the subsurf it looks veeery smooth (for baking the normal map)


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Its supposed to be these log (or log-like) things lying across the roof, but I figured there would be to much detail to model them invidually.

Still, you're right, I should thin the roof a bit.

They aren't "logs" on the roof. It's clay tiles, surely. The edge of the roofline has antefixes. (y)


Like the Athenian Wonder.

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Thanks for the correction!

I threw away the roof and made a double sided square for the antefixes (doing it with alpha maps). Modeling them will certainly be to much detail (there is about a hundred of them)

Back to 1183 triangles now.


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Hollow terracotta would seem ill suited to protrude at an angle that wings would flare out at, it looks like they had them straight up to reduce stress on the material.

Whatever the case may be, it's just a reconstruction. What you've got so far looks fantastic

whup, hang on, they do flare out

those reference images do look a bit confusing, almost like the two statues are slightly different :/

maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me

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I can't import DAE files in the version of Blender in Debian (I suspect you mean to import them? Or should I model something specific?)

I don't know what kind of stuff is historically accurate for this temple (i don't even know who the etruscans were, i just picked a random object in the art dev tasks)

As usual, I didn't really plan on texturing it (sorry!). I'm not sure what kind of workflow you guys have, but if you have convenient ways of inserting a bit of props, I'd happily leave that to you guys!

Because.. I'm really lazy. I just can't get motivated to get to involved and learn about the different groups in the game.. same goes for texturing/colorschemes etc, so I prefer to avoid it.

Feel free to throw away any of the statues and replace them with some other existing stuff, I certainly don't mind.

If you want me to model anything in specific for this temple, let me know (otherwise I'll probably go back to animals or something.. less worries about historical accuracy and such there)



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