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Found 10 results

  1. The Spartans Above: King Leonidas and his "Battle Frenzy" upgrade Above: General Brasidas (left), Admiral Lysander (right) Above: Unused hero Agis III (left), Cleomenes III (right) Note: I might add Agesilaus as a 5th selectable hero and use the left-hand portrait Above: Queen Gorgo (left), Spartan Female Citizen (right) Above: Priest-Healer (left), Helots/Slaves (right)
  2. Before @wowgetoffyourcellphone forgets, here is the general thread for the Epirotes faction. Current unit roster: Heroes: Recommended resources: Epeiros in Europa Barbarorum Wiki (and the Epeiros category list of units) Epirus on Divide et Impera mod website
  3. The thread for unit textures and props, except shields. Shields are another thread. All unit textures will need specular maps. @Sundiata and @balduin can provide more references and commentary. Attached, base textures: kush_female_base.psd kush_male_base.psd Unit Roster Civic Center Kushite Woman Nubian Spearman Barracks Nubian Archer Fastest archer in the game, like the Mayan Plumed Archer in Age of Kings:The Conquerors. Meroitic Pikeman Perhaps make available after researching Sarissa at the Blacksmith. Meroitic Axeman Swordsman class, but attack is half crush damage. Meroitic Spear Cavalry I suggest can switch back and forth from spear to javelin. Temple of Amun (Terra Magna, a special building / in Delenda Est, an upgrade for the standard Temple) Priest of Amun Napatan Temple Guard (khopesh swordsman) Boosted by the Fervor for Amun special tech. Fortress Hero 1 Hero 2 Hero 3 Meroitic Noble Archer (champion unit) Perhaps can switch to firing fire arrows, for a siege attack, same as Maiden Guard in DE. Meroitic Noble Cavalry Lancer (champion unit) Kushite Light War-Elephant Mercenary Camp (Delenda Est) / Tribal Village (Terra Magna; a special buildable structure) Nuba Clubman Nuba Hunter (skirmisher) Gives them access to a skirmisher unit. Blemmye Mercenary Camel Lancer Blemmye Mercenary Camel Archer General Looks for Units Basic Citizen-Soldiers: Bare chested. No armor. No sandals. Bare headed. Simple loin cloths and cumberbuns. Advanced Citizen-Soldiers: Bare chested. Strappy leather corselet across stomach for armor. No sandals. Decorative animal skins for loincloths. Decorative cumberbuns and straps. No helmet for lighter units, basic helmet for heavier units. Bronze bracelets and arm bands. Elite Citizen-Soldiers: Linen/cotton Meroitic tunic for chest/shoulders or padded linen/cotton armor for "heavier" units. Meroitic sandals for the feet. Decorative cumberbuns and straps. Basic helmet. Additional bronze bracelets and arm bands. Champions: Scale or padded armor. Meroitic sandals for the feet. What else? Heroes: Crown with snake heads. Colorful tunics and gowns. Lots of jewelry and golden/bronze bracelets, anklets, etc. Colorful gorgets. Nubian Units, specifically the Archer and Spearman: Units with this hairstyle ("Nubians") are the ones that get (ostrich) feathers. Either 1 feather (Basic Rank) , 2 feathers (Advanced Rank), or 3 feathers Elite Rank).
  4. I mean for modding and the game itself dark color marble. darkmarble.psd
  5. New and Updated Skirmish maps in Delenda Est. (I'll update this thread periodically) Crocodilopolis
  6. How I can do for a captured building, produces units specific units that aren't in the roster of faction. im creating slave market. @wowgetoffyourcellphone The slaves are imperial romans unit but don't work as mercenary camp. Only as market.
  7. Like last time, I'm waiting a while for the hubbub of the public A22 release to die down to release DE for it. I figured I'd list a few things that will go into DE2 over DE1: Glory Statues and Glory Resource Thanks to @Enrique and @stanislas69 for modeling the glory statues. Still many more to go. Preliminary Kushites civ Thanks to @Sundiata and @balduin for pushing this and thanks to @LordGood and @stanislas69 for their nice models. Should be 100% complete by A23. Preliminary Chinese civ A port from Rise of the East, with some substantial tweaks including a new tech tree from me and additional models from @stanislas69. Should be 100% complete by A23. A couple new very nice skirmish maps A bunch of unit textures from @wackyserious. Lots of fixes and minor changes; continuing to update the object portraits to the new better style for instance. Plans for A23: Finish Kushites Work with Sundiata and balduin and others Finish Chinese Mostly just technology work and Ministers. Figure out a way to make the Conquest Civic Centers objective not bug out when the player upgrades his Civic Centers to Fortified. Hopefully get more Glory Statues in Finish more new skirmish maps Tons more textures from wackyserious that didn't make it in this time, plus tons more textures by me. Rework the blacksmith techs Make some of the weaker civs more interesting Research and implement mercenaries for the Mauryans Struggle to fix all the bugs that will arise from /public changes.
  8. Why Seleucids only used Greek settlers where are the mercenaries? why catapultes aren't mountable and dismounted?
  9. Is possible create a game mode will be classical. many people argue the weakes pints in 0AD. no free building citizen soldiers capturing is overpower or just isn't desirable feature. so this concepts made by classic series it's called Arcade mode.
  10. Im very creative this night (-6 GTM) and I have restless ideas. I can't sleep. I want create Design Document only create art, 2D and try some 3D. my idea with inspiration by creative genius.
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