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Found 1 result

  1. Like last time, I'm waiting a while for the hubbub of the public A22 release to die down to release DE for it. I figured I'd list a few things that will go into DE2 over DE1: Glory Statues and Glory Resource Thanks to @Enrique and @stanislas69 for modeling the glory statues. Still many more to go. Preliminary Kushites civ Thanks to @Sundiata and @balduin for pushing this and thanks to @LordGood and @stanislas69 for their nice models. Should be 100% complete by A23. Preliminary Chinese civ A port from Rise of the East, with some substantial tweaks including a new tech tree from me and additional models from @stanislas69. Should be 100% complete by A23. A couple new very nice skirmish maps A bunch of unit textures from @wackyserious. Lots of fixes and minor changes; continuing to update the object portraits to the new better style for instance. Plans for A23: Finish Kushites Work with Sundiata and balduin and others Finish Chinese Mostly just technology work and Ministers. Figure out a way to make the Conquest Civic Centers objective not bug out when the player upgrades his Civic Centers to Fortified. Hopefully get more Glory Statues in Finish more new skirmish maps Tons more textures from wackyserious that didn't make it in this time, plus tons more textures by me. Rework the blacksmith techs Make some of the weaker civs more interesting Research and implement mercenaries for the Mauryans Struggle to fix all the bugs that will arise from /public changes.
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