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  1. My main concern is getting the UVw map quite messy... But if it imports okay in 3ds, with the right UVW coordinates then everything should be fine.
  2. Just a question that has been bugging me. You're using sketchup, right, LordGood? Your models and texturing are looking great, however my main concern is about UVW Maps. I don't know if Sketchup creates UVW maps or if you're using that old sketchup texturing method to paint the faces with the texture. (I could be wrong, since it's been years when I last fired up Sketchup.) In order to import models ingame, it must have an UVW map - I guess you know that And I'm afraid we wont be able see such awesome work - the way it is right now - ingame.
  3. Some very interesting designs out here. I'd really go for a rounded blacksmith - for the Brits -, as you see for yourself, in AoK almost all of them had the same basic square-ish shape.
  4. Hmm... Most of all Blacksmiths from games have this squareish shape. What about we give the celts a rounded one, just to make it stand out, like their CC and their fortress?
  5. Hmm... This could be easily solved if the engine supported "parenting" in Blender. I mean, if we'd parent the projectilie point with the turret, it's rotation would be almost "automatic", following the mesh's rotation without the need for adtional codding for different stuff (I guess). At least that's the way it's done in C&C Generals. Also, recoil could be also calculated by the enigne, if we''d ought to have a realistic physics system
  6. Maybe, if we get wind simulation, we could get cloth simulation and make everything quite dynamic. And yes, I'm a dreamer.
  7. That would be sweet - However I'd post it in spoiler tags, since some people might be offended as nudity. (some people around here are minors )
  8. I have to say that this is one of the sweetest concepts that I have ever seen about a nice way to keep things realistic and maybe even balanced. This would make the player keep a small force patrolling the perimeter while the main force gathering resources.
  9. Shouldn't we also make a base female model?
  10. I already shared a dummy tank model on the first page. You're free to try with it if you wish
  11. Well... Rag-dolls could really be nice to see, specially in sieges... And having real-world physics would make everything a little bit more real and accurate. Just saying... maybe in a future, who knows? - We got spec and normal map which weren't even planned for alpha - I remember proposing it last year (I guess) at the staff forums. Perhaps someone will join in and add it
  12. @leper: Oh. Sorry about that I made a mix with Blender's. darn. I'm really tired. hehehe. Thanks for editing
  13. Just letting you all know that I've taken the liberty to move this topic to the modding area, where it suits more, since this awesome discussion could be lost in the Introductions and Off-Topic area
  14. Welcome Marc! Amazing Portifolio! Hopefully you'll be able to help us with animation and even give me few tips in animation Right now our main priority is to get a new biped rig that works ingame. We are trying to get one that works with Blender since this is the tool that we mostly use in the Art Department. (As it's free, open-source and amazing ) Anyways, if you would like to help us, it would be awesome, so read up here: http://www.wildfireg...ic=15552&st=240 (I believe I already pointed you to this thread But anyways... Just doing my job ) You could also speed up the production of some of our animals animations. Zaggy_1024 is mostly doing this, so he would be the one to give you direction. (He's more easily found online on our Developer's IRC channel [QuakeNet #0ad-dev (webchat)] So, welcome again, and I look forward to work with you! Best regards, - Daniel
  15. So... I'm outdated... Does this lastest rig already works ingame? Or shall take this one and create a separate code for it? Perhaps Jason could give us a hand
  16. @Mithos: I feel that turret is generic enough Well, at least this is how C&C did it.
  17. That's interesting However, I believe it would require some codding into the main engine.... ( The way I have though would be to have an EntityContainer that would "house" two different entities: The chassis and the turret. The turret would have the attack behavior while the chassis would just stand around. And the container would be responsible to have the ingame attributes for both, like cost, build and this stuff.
  18. I don't like any vegetation in deserts, although I know that some plants tend to grow near some rocks. It's just a matter of which kind of biome are we going to create If it's something like Saara, we shouldn't have any. Or if it's a Oasis we would have vegetation near it. However if we're going for some Sahel parts, or maybe even a place with dry season, then it looks nice I second this The polar rocks are looking really nice, however I'd get this "sand" effect you added in the desert rocks and try to make it be like snow and scatter it all around the rocks. It will look neat! Also, feel free to mess with the main saturation of the rock texture or even get a new one. Since we should match the nature as much as we can
  19. Well, that's some news However i believe that the main point of a turret is making it being able of attacking without the need to the unit turning itself to attack. Back in C&C Generals, when you sent your tanks to attack something they would get in range and start firing. If the target moved, the turret would followed it, but the chassis remained still. However, if you decided to click attack again, the chassis would face the target and the turret would keep it's following mode. This is important for armor bonuses The tank would be heavy with it's front armor while the back would be more fragile.
  20. That would be great! However we are still in need - as far as I remember - of a proper working Blender rig that is read by the game engine. More info here: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15552&st=240 Not sure if the latest proposed rig is already working...
  21. No... In the game we have actors and entities. Props are simple actors, which are only graphical representations. Entities are "game objects" with function and behavior - like attack, life, cost, these stuff. Each entity is associated with it's respective "visual actor".
  22. Hmm... If we could parent entities not only with "templates" but with other visual entities, the turret system could work... Any ideas?
  23. Hmm... That made me think... Are we going to implement real world physics? Bullet sounds a nice open-source solution. http://bulletphysics.org/wordpress/
  24. Well... one of the solutions would be to have an Entity referencing another entity. (Entityception). 2 Entities in 1. Why? You would have the main entity as the chassis as a dummy unit. And the turret as the active "Attacking" entity - (active entity). Why? Because now it we would have the main entity facing the enemy, and the other one just standing around. Once the turret "dies" it would also destroy the chassis entity. I guess it could be done with minor JS scripting, but I have no idea how nor the time to try it out. However, since I'm not a programmer, I can't do that. TBH I really don't know if we can even do that. Another solution would be to edit the engine code and add a Turret_prop_attachment (as an attach_point to be referenced within the visual actor). It shouldn't be hard work, since all it has to be is the copy of the projectile system, without making it trow itself away. (If you pay close attention, you'll see that the projectiles tend to follow the enemy unit.) I tried the basic prop system I initially thought, but it failed since when you place it as the root attachment it would follow the coordinates of the chassis. I even tried the other way around, without success. If anyone wants to carry on with my tests, I'm uploading the files I currently used and my dummy_tank model. turret_endeavour.zip
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