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  1. Hello nikagra, I forget the exact reasons. However we have a highly complex graphics system and the last time someone tried to remove it, things did not go well (for partially unrelated reasons). Try asking Philip on IRC if you want the full history.
  2. You can also just host multiplayer game and set all the players to AIs.
  3. We are always working on solving performance problems, but it's very difficult. We've already been working on it for years, and it's gotten better.
  4. Making trees support falling is approximately the same amount of work, no matter when it's done. #131 would potentially add something like a physics engine (that's what AoE 3 used). If we took that route, it would automatically 'create' falling/collapsing anything.
  5. Recently I introduced a new player to 0 A.D. and got a fresh view of our user interface from his comments and behavior. I think there are a couple key issues that we should step back and think about: An often unintuitive user interface Option creep (read this for a great explanation of why that's bad)More specifically: The lobby user interface is confusing and ugly. (the following notes are taken from my observation of a first-time lobby user)The lobby is hard to find. What is a "Game Lobby" supposed to by anyway? Why do I need an account? (Fix: Renaming and better labeling. Change to "Play On
  6. I would strongly suggest that you learn how to compile it via the terminal, all our developers use it on linux and most veteran non-windows programmers do most of their work in terminal. The instructions on the wiki are detailed, step-by-step, and well tested.
  7. If you read the whole topic, there are pictures of it running on a phone. Somewhere on Philip's server there are also more recent screenshots (<6 months old (?)).
  8. If we so wish, we can afford to push it to after A17 because (among other releases) A17 already has a number of performance improvements. With the school year starting after/around A17, it's going to be much harder to get algorithmic speed improvements in A18. It could be argued that moving ESR 31 to A18 would actually be beneficial.
  9. Not anything significant. Our hosted git server is automatically updated at http://git.wildfiregames.com/0ad.git/ while the github mirror at https://github.com/0ad/0ad.git has to be manually updated. However, many people prefer the github mirror because github is generally easier to use.
  10. Could you search trac and create a new ticket if it hasn't been reported yet? Also, what version of the game are you running? (since alpha 16 there have been some substantial changes to water)
  11. Perhaps. It seems like all the errors like this reported in the past have been solved by a restart and reinstall. We should probably display a nice error message to the user when they try to start while another instance is already running on Windows.
  12. It sounds like you're running out of memory. Could you check the RAM usage of 0 A.D. while running a scenario similar to the ones it has previously crashed on? (0 A.D. runs as pyrogenesis in the processes tab of task manager)
  13. Have you tried downloading from http://play0ad.com/download/?
  14. This seems to be the same error reported in ticket #2677 which should have been fixed in r15529. Could you check that 0ad/binaries/system/msvcrt.dll exists on your system?
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