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  1. i do all steps in the description to install i open the game then i start the mod and this appears. here is the printscreen:
  2. please try to solve this problem in the next version.
  3. Yes, is multiplayer, on lobby. In single player is the same lag with bots.
  4. The most awkward thing is when we turned the option to show FPS and he shows decent fps like 40 to 70 fps. but the game lags and brake a lot. i think is not from the internet, because this problem just ocours when we start to envolve, get more troops etc.
  5. I play in the lobby with my friends vs bots. 3 players vs 4 bots. my friends have the same lag problem. When we start playing, the game it runs fast, around 40 to 100 fps. but when we envolve more, more troops, buildings etc., starts to lag and brake. My systems desktop windows 10, nvidea gtx 650 intel i3 8 gb ram my game settings is the default. my friends are using laptop, windows 8, with decent computers for the requirements, and default settings. this problem reamins the same with the older version of 0AD.
  6. ok, i would like to do, but what you meaning by the configs?, i just use the default settings options(graphics, sound etc).
  7. Hello, i am new in this forum. I want to appreciate the effort to make this game i used the new version of 0ad. i tought that the new path finer would solve the problem but not. I never finish a game because it always, always starts to lag when i have more troops. i dont understand why i run in 70 FPS but the game is laging a lot.
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