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  1. I will vote a big fat NO on this one fore now. We're in alpha, I have problems getting my own savegames to work properly when I close the game and losd them later. This would lead to complaint spam and i think every forum mod or admin has enuf to contend with thx.
  2. Me too, thx for the links Dan. The first is the most useful as I don't do graphic or modelling work. Edit: found (an) answer, I copied the entirety of the public.zip over to my mod folder.
  3. On sylepsis (anyone else have the urge to call it syphyllis?), main release not the SVN, could someone refresh my memory on how in the hell I get a mod to enable? I copied the entire public folder over (because i intend to make lots of changes and removals and it's just easier than going back and forth) as well as the mod.json that's modified to describe the mod. The mod shows up in the manager, but when I enable it and then disable the orginal game and press 'start mods' it just flashes right back to the manager. Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong here?
  4. I pirate games occasionally (I really only play a few select games for years on end tho, my oldest fave is from 98) now that I can't rent them to see if they're worth getting, sadly none of them have been worth getting. GTA 4 was only fun for the parts where I'd drive niko into a rail at high speed to see him go flying out the window. Much like Skyrim, nearly everyone you'd really really like to kill is immortal. Oh and I'll do it if I find out that the game I just bought can only be installed on one of my systems so in order to put it on the lappy I'd have to buy another copy and that's just
  5. I really like the captureable buildings, but I'd also like to be able to make the women and other non-coms capturable, I've tried adding the capture points lines, but it doesn't seem to work for units. I'd also like to try a turncoat/surrender bit out with the combat units where they can be captured if they're either low in health or heavily outnumbered. I know you don't want units captured in the main game because then they could possibly build buildings of other cultures, but I've already got that with the buildings on my side. Another thing I'd like support for is wandering for regular unit
  6. Either way yall go about it, i think palisades and walls should be arrow-proof. True, palisades are made out of wood, so it would seem logical to conclude that a flaming arrow could harm them, but despite how they might look in-game, a palisade is not a simple four foot high wooden fence, they're like 12 or more foot high and made out of entire trees. the only way a flaming arrow should be able to take down a palisade is if they somehow managed to soak the entire thing in oil, otherwise the arrows would just burn themselves out before they could take unless they fired hundreds of thousands of
  7. Ummm, is it really a bug tho? I mean, i get that it's called fog of war, but wild animals don't tend to stay in the same place for months until you come to kill them, so if you don't keep a lock on them in real life you'll lose them.
  8. Dude, I swear, someone puts together an AI for gaia, I make trees that eat people.
  9. Can we make it a feature? Like the animals now count as enemies and will start to actively hunt you? And wolves will hunt the deer and the goats and the idiot gatherers and breed more and more wolves and wolf packs will ravage your tiny lil village devouring women and children? That last bit will work great with the upgraded models, you can watch as your poor terrified civilians are torn apart by gaia, who has decided to stop putting up with your abuse.
  10. Did yall change something to make the game remember my last game choices? That was something I'd been thinking about cuz it gets annoying having to re-setup everything but I don't think I actually requested it......and the game seems to be doing it now after the last svn update I did. Thx for not taking over the world with your psychic powers I guess.
  11. There's a question tho, is the pathfinder presently set up to check and recheck a given units path on a timer of some sort? was just thinking that other games take shortcuts with theirs, for instance seven kingdoms units only update their planned path when they either hit something, or when they've reached a check point along the path. Essentially they don't ask for directions until they've reached the end of the dead end road in the middle of no where. Players often have to correct the paths of units that need to get out of danger right this instant cuz otherwise, they'll bounce off the guy i
  12. if you can manage editing files, preferably as a mod to avoid issues, you can double the obstruction radius of the trees by pasting this modified bit from it's parent into template_gaia_flora_tree.xml. "<Obstruction> <Unit radius="3.0"/> </Obstruction>" Minus the quotes of course. You can also try increasing the drop-off range of the gatherers in hope that they won't get stuck around a dropsite by editing the max distance tag in the template_unit.xml If you're really desperate and you don't mind funny unit movements you can change the block movement tag in template_un
  13. ya, but you have to do it in that order or it doesn't work, it's (x) to disable, then save configuration, then load mod. But since I didn't WANT to load the mo but UN-load the mod........... Also the (X) should prolly read disable. I"m not really understanding these errors, from the first glance I thought there was an issue with the tree template, but the changes there are minor and non-breaky unless it doesn't allow ANY change to an original file. then I noticed that it's not loading any other template either, literally, none of them, every template has an error and i certainly didn't edit e
  14. Ok, got that figured out, the issue is on my side, now I need to decipher the log to figure out just what is causing the errors. Ok, tried entering it in a spoiler, but apparently a spoiler cannot be nearly 10,000 lines long. interestinglog.html
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