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  1. @Itms Such a quick support files were deleted in safe mode, installation is good. And it work !
  2. Sorry for the delay of answer. I can't delete 0 a.D. alpha, it seem still used somehow.
  3. @Lion Kanzen Well, i thinked it was more relevant to post in forum, and i didn't see in first place this message saying to me to go on Trac first. As you can see, the first error i got was.. accurate. And if i want to play before the nest release xD @itms I uninstalled by the official way, with windows, not by just deleting some files randomly Again, i uninstall, but i look into appdata\local, and i can see 0ad and 0 A.D. alpha 0ad contain crashlog and some html files. But, 0 A.D. alpha still have binairies after uninstalling. In 0 A.D. alpha\data\mod\public, the public.zip is still here 1,26
  4. Hi Itms. I tryed to reinstale, i got an error. "Error opening file for writting: C:\Users\Sollinarise\AppData\Local\0 A.D. alpha\binaries\system\OpenAL32.dll" With 3 choice, retry or ignore. I choose ignore. Again an error, C:\Users\Sollinarise\AppData\Local\0 A.D. alpha\binaries\system\dbghelp/dll or many others.. And, if i try to launch it.. I'm kinda surprised by the time to extract the "public.zip". Didn't remember such long time while installing 0.A.D in v15. (I use the same PC, and my core is good enough to deal with archive.)
  5. Hello, I just downloaded 0.A.D (Win vers.) and and i launched it.. Then he crash. I'm good with my card drivers, as well for software. Reports are in attach files. Hope this can help. I did some research but the last topic about a simular bug was in feb 2011. crash_1.txt crash_2.txt crash_3.txt
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