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  1. Yeah, AMD closed drivers are what got me to switch to linux in the first place. They fried my windows install, and they fried my first Mint install too Never using them again. Tried messing with the water settings instead: it seems the culprit is "water real depth". The other water options have no effect on the bug Thanks!
  2. Hiya, all. I seem to have a visual bug: the shorelines I see are consistently jagged (see pics). Jaggedness increses the further the cam is from the ground (first screenshot I'm closer to the ground; second screenshot I'm further away and, as you can see, the alteration is greater). Up until now, I've seen this bug each and every game I played, at any time. It seems to me that my computer struggles to render water, too: when I have water on screen, it lags more. May be connected to the glitch, may be not. I have low specs, after all. Is this a known bug? I attached all the logs I could fin
  3. Triggers? That's great news! I'd love to get my hands dirty with the scenario editor
  4. Hiya, and a pleasure to meet you all! I just stumbled upon this wonderful project! I never heard of it before, and it's exciting to see how constantly it has been developed. Still trying to get the hang of the game. Similarities to AoE help, yet the lack of a proper tutorial makes the learning curve just a little steeper. But I'll persist
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