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  1. It's really wierd how few it really is. Counter Strike forums have like ... hundreds of thousands members, yet this place who is much more intresting and you know, doing a good thing, "only" have 800 =D Anyway, i think you guys should advertise (DONT SPAM) on some forums so more people can get to know the game and you guys
  2. No offence but you looked young, how old are you? Anyway, nice picture job
  3. I dont know for sure because the school, the CS clan and other projects in life takes up a lot of time, and time is a really important key for the Project Leader But i think it will be up when time is right Thanks for asking
  4. I dont think there are many mods planned yet. Usually most of the mods are planned after the actual games release. And Viking Mod i think, made that mistake. We had a really good working periode last summer, but we started way to early, as some of the WFG guys told me. Anyway .. Viking mod will probably be made, just waiting a little longer before we do anything Don't even know the current release date from Wijit and the rest of the team =S hehe, but its simply, mods will come, a lot of them, some good and some not so good, but the game must be out first i guess
  5. Des, but your avatar is so funny that i have to laugh a couple of minutes before i can read your post =) hahaha, its so wierd =P Anyway, i agree, he is really wierd and all that, but should go into trial with the same "fairness" everyone else has =D
  6. Yeah, but i dont think he should go to jail because he has some REALLY wierd views and talks really wierd =P
  7. I got it, and i know i said something about the American system, i dont blame the jury, it just SEEMS like sometimes, it doesn't work all that good =(
  8. Yes that is true, but we have to discuss this anyway, based on what we DO know
  9. hehe, i guess Though its still kind of funny, the way the thing have developed between Norway and Sweden, and the Danes. I think most Norwegians really like the Danes, they seem wise, and a cool flat country and when reading Dane, its almost like Norwegian. Though trying to understand what they are saying, is impossible, Swedish is easier that way. And i know i did not see Sweden from its best side, but the people there was really behaving bad. I was like "Thanks" when i got my food, and the server just "Oh yeah, shut up kid", in Swedish of course =( That was something ill remember all my life, because at that point i thought "it is really true what they say about Swedens". Though i was young, and thanks to, actually some Swedens from WFG (the Tonto_dude among others) have really shown me a different side of the Swedish They can be NICE
  10. Yeah i guess It's just, dont want that argument here in this thread, but in Norway we all get tought to HATE swedens, their country and whatever they do. We also have a lot of "sweden jokes" about how stupid they are .... And of course, i understand that Swedens are like most Norwegians, and the countries look the same, but my impression of what i saw where i was, was really awful =( Though ill take a trip to Stockholm og G*teborg (G√łteborg) sometime, so that dan can be happy
  11. No offence to you Americans, but as i read on a Norwegian forum, the American courtsystem cant really get the job done. For a famous and rich person it is almost impossible to be found guilty =( Though its just what i've heard. And im sure Mr Jackson is innicent (how do you type that word correct? ) but free on ALL? I am pretty sure he has served alcohol to minors, like ... who does'nt? His like the child saviour, it seems. He like children and want them to be happy, so if i was there i would probably ask for alcohol. And he would probably give me since his a nice guy, at least it seems Thats just my theory =)
  12. @Klaas, let me guess, Lillehammer or maybe Trondheim? @Curu; Sweden sucks. No offence Swedens, but at least a long the Norwegian boarder there are garbage a long the road, in the streets, like everywhere. And Swedens (at least there) cant really behave. Been there one time, NEVER EVER am i going to Sweden again =( Finland seems cool, never been there but it seems like a nice place =)
  13. Where do you people live? 20.000 trees? Like thats a LOT =P We have 3 trees i guess, forgot about the tree where one of the cars are btw ... saw that i wrote noumbers, its numbers right?
  14. Well, simple question, are there anyone? Please tell us about your experiences and what you think is good / bad about Norway
  15. Well, around my house we have 1 big thingie tree, you know ... And we have a old tree that is pretty low but ... heavy That mean, 2 trees. What about you people?
  16. I'm really sorry guys, but i have to vote The Romans. The reason for that is that i THINK those are easier, and im a simple person I guess they seem easier, and i guess they are most famous, at least thats what i think Nice vote / thread btw
  17. Hey Alex Niice gameserver collection, would have bought a CS server if i had'nt two allready
  18. Well, first sentence is correct ... But rett = right at ... sort of ... Havet = the sea det er = it is So its sort of: Jeg bor i Arendal. Det er rett ved havet. I live in Arendal. Its right ... at the ocean <--- kind of ... translated directly
  19. Jeg bor i Arendal. Det er rett ved havet. Ok, to give you a hint, bor means live, like, where i live ... try translate / explain the sentence!
  20. France .... its just the same old thingies Come to Norway ... snow, skiing, lots of hot girls ... everything you ever wanted =)
  21. I havent fallen for anything ... i was really prowd I managed to REALLY trick a guy, but its only funny if you were there
  22. I dont find it funny ... dont know why but its just stupid to me
  23. Start playing CS Timmie, i promise it will take 5 YEARS untill you "get free" =P Anyway, good to see most of you alive =)
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