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  1. I believe this would require modding the engine. The water level may be adjustable, but you would run into issues with the pathfinder because the obstruction of the shores would change constantly, units could get caught in the obstruction etc. I think your best option would be to make the obstruction of the water constant (so that units and buildings can be built in the same locations during the game) and make the actual water level change only graphically. I'm not sure how this would influence the renderer (for reflections) though...
  2. It's actually the crucifixion on Spartacus that made me want crucifixes in the game (I would love to see some scenario with Spartacus)
  3. I definitely agree with the death textures (not just blood, also paler skin), and I would even have them switch to skeletons over time.
  4. The wolf has two textures: normal, and snow-wolf.
  5. Here's a good website on viking turf houses: http://www.hurstwic.org/history/articles/daily_living/text/Turf_Houses.htm I really want to see some houses with grass on top of it (animated grass preferably)
  6. I gave the African minifaction a try. This would allow people to place small village that don't participate in the actual game (i.e. they are not there to fight) (maybe add a marketplace? that way you could trade with them...)
  7. The intersection is too clean in the image above, underneath it's good I think.
  8. Crucifixion A technique of crucifying: Another technique, although it is argued that this might not actually have been used, and that the deformations were simply the result of contortion before or after crucifixion. Crux Simplex (single wooden pole):
  9. This is so nice, can't wait to see what it will be like when finished!
  10. Wow, that looks so great (a little bit too tall compared to the other temples, but they are really high in general ... I think in game it should be a bit shorter - people might think it's a wonder or something the first time they see it!) I think 68AD is justifiably close to 500BC - AD, but that's up to the developers ... Anyway, I really hope Enrique models them (or Lordgood, although he seems more reluctant)
  11. There is something wrong with the front of the roof I think, although I can't really imagine what.
  12. I played around with the obstructions a bit, you can have boats and units go under it. Includes the modded Death Canyon map so that you can try it :-) https://www.mediafire.com/?y3jyaadyhjqmpnh Nice tents, already saw them on svn a few minutes ago xD
  13. Like this it's clearer you can't walk over it :-)
  14. (the one that doesn't look good is too dark imo) (probably because of the shadows) (exaggerating the colour a bit might lessen this maybe)
  15. Hadn't noticed that the tail didn't move before ... anyway, looks great!
  16. It's not that I don't want wheat, it's that the wheat doesn't look very good as it is now. As wraitii said, a bit too dark.
  17. I had some time left (no tutorial sheets yet ) so I modeled a Roman bridge:
  18. I think what stanislas meant is a period of peace at the start of the game so that you can first build your base before getting attacked (like plenty or RTS's do). The 0 timer being one which allows you to attack players from the start of the game.
  19. Most fields would still look normal, wouldn't they? With these new ones adding variation? I don't think they would clutter up your base that much then. The greyish-green field (bottom) looks most cluttered, possibly because the texture of the plants is too similar to the texture of the decal (I, for one, can't really tell which pixels are part of the decal and which ones are models). Anyway I think these variations are going to make large areas of fields look much better!
  20. @Romulus: Let's end this discussion. By all means make a mod that does not have infinite farming and does exactly what you want, I'll be glad to try it out and so will many other people. However infinite farming is a design choice that seems settled for most people and I believe we're no longer doing any constructive arguing. We seem to be repeating the same arguments over and over on both sides and that will lead us nowhere.
  21. As I said before: how is infinite farms unrealistic??? You reseed seeds, you tend them and voila (easier to say than do xD) You don't need 'wood' to rebuild a farm every so often! You need wood to build the farmstead once, you need wood to repair tools and for certain plants (e.g. tomatos but they didn't have those yet I think) If your farm (and tools etc.) is destroyed, you will need wood (and time) to rebuild the farm. But as long as it doesn't get destroyed you don't. You've been playing AoE 2 too much I think (where wood suddenly transformed into seeds to grow plants that weren't trees...)
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