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  1. The oldest Taijitu emblems are found in Europe. Cucuteni-Trypillian (far out of our timeframe, 4800-3000 BC) Celtic (500 BC) Etruscans (400 BC) Roman (400 AD, first know 'classical' yin yang symbol) https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/28/Armigeri_defensores_seniores_shield_pattern.svg The video that taught me this: The wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taijitu#European_iconography
  2. I think it might have had something to do with reducing the size of the game. Back in those days people still had 10 GB harddrives and stuff.
  3. I do remember having another issue with which it might have something to do: A few days ago buildings seemed to multiply. I destroyed a building and it sank into the ground, but the building was still standing. So I opened debug mode and clicked 'control all units' and deleted that tower over and over, but it seemed like infinitely many towers had been placed on the same spot. The same happened with civ centres. This only happened in the svn build. I thought it was probably because of a change that had not been completed and that the issue would be resolved soon after. I updated about 3 times that day, but the issue wasn't fixed. It has been fixed now. This might have been the issue... I only got the error in the map editor after running a simulation test.
  4. Reminds me of that Warzone2100 map, I've forgotten it's name, but it was probably just 'Maze'. That map had many paths to get from one place to another and the walls were walkable. The fun part was that you could build your base utilizing the maze walls as indestructible walls, focusing your defensive buildings on the choke points into your territory. When attacking other players you often took different routes from their armies, so fighting often happened near the bases and resource locations instead of in the middle of nowhere. This made it much more exciting.
  5. When was this introduced? I only get the error with the svn, not with Alpha 15. (I had a look at the link you gave, but couldn't find any timestamp. EDIT: I updated to the latest svn today (something I hadn't done in about a week) and I don't get the error there anymore either ...
  6. I think drop props are the best option here. It would be strange to have piles of stone meters high :-)
  7. I was making a new map and I keep getting this error: "spatial subdivision query too large" what does this mean?
  8. PA, man I love that game. Only played a few hours since it's only in beta phase, but it's going to be amazing!
  9. Campaigns and scenarios are something communities just love doing :-) So it's most definitely an important thing to have! (it also allows people to make new game modes like 'Castle Wars' where units are spawned automatically at a castle/fortress, and 'Defend' games where invasion forces are sent every so often)
  10. I don't think it was postponed to Empires Besieged, but I might be mistaken. EDIT: link, they are likely not going to be in part 1, so EB it is then I do think this is one of the most important features for scenarios! I really hope this is going to get into part 1 ... If not ... in four years my Computer Science course will be over so ... xD
  11. I believe a viking man had several wifes and slaves and therefore many people lived together in these longhouses. Personally I would give the civ center a stone foundation, but not the barracks. I also remember something about them setting up trading posts on foreign soil from where they would trade with natives. Boats would arrive with cargo at these storehouses, minimising the amount of money that went to outsiders. Maybe there is a way we can depict this in gameplay?
  12. Sending resources from one civ to another by trader, OK, but not from one city in my empire to another!
  13. Wouldn't they cook inside? From what I remember the vikings usually did (but this buildings doesn't seem to have an opening in the middle) What building is this: house or civ center?
  14. Does that mean 3D previews on the forum itself work? I haven't seen anyone do it yet.
  15. I you ever have to replace lots of objects with other objects: open the map in a text editor, search for the object that you want to replace and with a 'find and replace all' you can replace all of them with another. Since your map is huuuge that might cause some problems because you might not want to replace all objects of one type. But it might be useful anyway!
  16. Just thought I would post this, it points out some often made mistakes in movies (and therefore games too). It's a lindybeige video, that guy is amazing!
  17. The black spots are mirrored on both sides, that's too obvious and looks bad. The moss at the top of the roof looks good, but IMO the moss at the bottom of the roof looks too patterned as well.
  18. "There are all sorts of people that would use a dog treadmill, from your veterinary surgeon to any rehabilitation center [...]" and animators of course!
  19. Interesting article in the New Scientist: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn24948
  20. I also think (and sorry for posting this in a multiplayer feedback) that there should be a shortcut to remove borders from the map (like the alt+g to disable the GUI), this would help with screenshots. I have not played online multiplayer with the lobby yet, that's mainly because I prefer playing with friends over strangers (this has a lot to do with the fact that I'm really bad at playing) so the option to have private games in the lobby (with a password) would be nice.
  21. As a matter of fact I still have a small zombie mod lying around somewhere xD It had a few zombie-fied units and skeleton models in it. And a hellhound (which was just a wolf with a red skin)
  22. Could you give a big screenshot with an overview of the whole map? EDIT: Took one myself :-) Fullsized: link
  23. You may want to make the shores more accessible in some places. Looking forward to seeing more of your map!
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