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  1. Indeed, there's no need to pour unecessecary scorn on games that are over a decade old (I guess!). But still, to the developers, thank you. Good job. When are we expecting the next update?
  2. Dear All I hope this is coming to the right place. I just wanted to give my thanks to those in this community who have worked on 0 A.D. I'll tell you why; After ~25 years with Microsoft I've just installed Ubuntu on a machine for the first time, and was scouting around for software to download. Was delighted to come across this game, which appealed to me for a number of reasons. Firstly, having cast around a quick google to see if it was actually any good I was delighted to read that it's closely based on the Age of Empires series. I don't mind saying that AoEII was the absolute top game of my Childhood, and having been denied it in recent years has been a great pain to me. Secondly, I have a couple of degrees in military history etc and my fiancé is a classicist; clearly the subject matter of 0 A. D. is of immediate interest in that sense as well! Have only played one game so far (and got my @#$% handed to me on a plate, was playing with what I remember of pure AoE II tactics and was totally over-run by the CPU opponent) but really enjoyed it. I appreciate it's a product in Alpha and there are a lot of bugs to deal with and functionality to build in, however it's great work so far. I'm afraid I'm not a programmer or modeler, or else I'd be chomping at the bit to get involved and help develop. Again, good work. I'll be very pleased to watch your development closely. Perhaps after I've played some more games I'll have more feedback than just 'Great subject matter'! Oliver
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