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  1. Yeah sorry, they will. Didn't mention that... just thought it would have been implied.
  2. I'm thinking things that have a direct relation to currency.... well implies currency But, to my knowledge... unless we get rich we won't every use the points to purchase things. More of a use for special little bonuses that WFG can provide its members with. So... in addition to being project neutral, I would also suggest it be independant from the link between the term and money to avoid confusion.
  3. I'm 24.... 25 in March FYI there are 7 people just off the top of my head who are older than I am on the 0ad team
  4. Like both DA and Stuart said... we will have 2 types of beta testers. 1) Serious Testers - filling out Q and A forms, we actually take their recommendations seriously. 2) Hardware Testers - Basically all we are asking is for people to play the game on their machine to see if there is any glitches with the game being played with different combinations of hardware on peoples computers. Soooo... how its determined what type you are will be: Group #1 - You will be invited by the head of beta testing - Phoenix_Dragonslayer. Or if send a request to him and he accepts your request. Group #2 - We will do random signup sheets, and also use things like forum points as 'payment' for your own beta copy. Thats about how it will work. Also this isn't for a long time too. We are talking at least a year from now. So don't worry to much about it
  5. The supply unit was implimented in a game called Celtic Kings. Have you guys ever played that? Though realistic I found the more frustrating than anything. It was just one more thing to manage when your trying to wage war. You guys should download the demo and play it before you decide if you like supply units or not http://haemimontgames.com/celtickings/downloads.html If the supply unit didn't have to be in a certain radius of units and instead only in the 'territory', then I think it might work.. but eh.. to much hassle this gammer
  6. That has more to do with your game ending conditions in your pregame settings? ... "Conquest" or "Last Man Standing" That sort of thing right?
  7. Not guarenteed, we need more finger crossing!
  8. I was thinking/wondering if we could adjust (if its possible) the ammount of threads shown in general chat to a higher number... There is so many topics going to fast, I'd like to see them all on one page? Maybe 40 instead of 20? Or can I do this in my personal settings?
  9. Welcome Mihail121 ! Thanks for your support on the flip code forum!
  10. Yeah there are what you would call unique units. I think we are actually calling them 'super' units. But they will have unique traits that are only availible to those type of units. For example... the Persians have: Immortal - which is a good lightly armored unit with strong attack Indian War Elephant - Slow moving unit with lots of hitpoints... little skimmishers on the back throwing spears. Each civ will have 2-3 super units.
  11. Thanks for stopping by! 1) More like AoM 2) Yep December 2004 is the target date, there will be a sign up. Probably won't have that information for another 6-9 months.
  12. We really want to make them to scale and put units on the decks... time will tell if that is feasible or not.
  13. Yeah sorry guys, the new engine is not to the graphics phase yet. They are still working on the fundimentals. I hope to get a screen shot of the new engine up by the end of the month. Everyone cross your fingers! *crosses fingers, and toes*
  14. We were just talking about that guys... its on our wish list right now
  15. Unique units? All the units for all the civs will be unique. Not like AoK with their Japanese knights that look like they just walked out of a castle in France
  16. The problem is file size of the movies ZeZar. But, we can have in-game cinimatics with the methods Acumen was suggesting. I think our games will take advanage of the help the people who have worked with these tools before... like the AoM map editors
  17. ooooh the stratagy yeah we hope to do this
  18. What about a scouting stance?
  19. FPS Westeren Arcade Complete with: Cowboys Indians (er... Native Americans) Trappers Banditos Soldiers (probably civil war era) Just a wild and crazy shooter game.. something like Time Splitters II
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