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  1. Ok, I'll do that one next after the celt one Malte, what did you mean by: Are you talking about the small border around the whole page?
  2. CO - Hopefully, I think Tim has that on the to-do list for the new site. stag - Ok, I'll do that one tomorrow
  3. Here is a preview: Here is the first of 3 new themes for the website. Thanks to Jeru for helping with the colors. To use the theme you will have to register on the website, then login and chang your profile by following this link: http://wildfiregames.com/0ad/profile.php?m...ode=editprofile Hope you like it!
  4. This is just a temporary site, the 'official' new one is going to be completed by February, hopefully.
  5. kor if you have any suggestions for making the text appear older I'm all ears I basically just found a welsh translation site and was translating words. You might have some better resources than I had. The map I was looking for was: Supplement to National Geographic, May 1977, page 582A, Vol. 151 No.5 - CELTIC EUROPE. I tried googling it, and I could order it from Amazon, but I'm looking for a free version
  6. I find it kind of odd that they would just delete the whole site without any forwarning... I wonder if it had anything to do at all with the server move? Just wondering if any of you had heard any gossip
  7. Sud, that would be great! I need to go back and confront those celtic buildings again. We changed/cut allot of buildings and changed some functions. So I think that there might be a need to change their visual look. Of course we have the old ones for reference. But, yeah, email me (not sure if I have your current adress) - I'll send you some stuff jason@0ad.wildfiregames.com
  8. The fact that you can't live with them, but you can't live without them. How no girls are interested in you, unless you already have a girlfriend. Thats pretty much what annoys me about them at this moment in time... it can change on any given day of the week
  9. I've always wanted to make and design toys... Studying to be an engineer, worked as a machinist and a farmer, and right now have a crazy hobby that some people call 'game develepment'. Yes, your right, I'm a ship without a rudder.
  10. Well I have mixed emotions about winter... I love to play in the snow, I hate to drive in it Irish, it didn't stick here either. It was huge flakes though, but they melted the instant they touched the ground.
  11. Well always hate to be the one to disappoint, but we are following the traditional RTS method. You 'train' units at buildings. They don't generate automatically because of economic reasons. Why are we doing it this way you ask? Well because our target audience for the game is more familiar with it, and its easier to code
  12. Oh I forgot to mention... it snowed this last week for the first time this year!
  13. Thanks for the heads up Malte about the image gallary navigation errors. I'll fix those. About people registering... Eventually Tim will have the registration tied with the forum regestration. But on this temporary site, registering is ok, because only moderators and admins can do any content management. Guests and Regulars can only comment news, images, and vote.
  14. Phase II of the temporary website is done. Check it out here: http://wildfiregames.com/0ad/portal.php
  15. Thanks for your reply kor I was hoping you would get my personal messege. If thats the only problem then I think I'm ok, because I didn't use that factoid in my celt profile for the game. If you see any other errors, please point them out!
  16. Well the domain of www.wildfiregames.com is hosted by Heaven Games on their files and forum server. If you see any WFG site that has something before wildfiregames... such as forums.wildfiregames.com or 0ad.wildfiregames.com - that is on our own server - independant of HG.
  17. Our HG site will be down for a while. I'm not sure when it will happen, but Zen informed me that its going to be down for a while because HG is making a server move. Just a heads up
  18. Our HG site will be down for a while. I'm not sure when it will happen, but Zen informed me that its going to be down for a while because HG is making a server move. Just a heads up
  19. Poya and Jan, you guys are AMAZING! That is much better that I even imagined. Hats off to you boys. Keep up the most excellent work!
  20. No, its not finished but I am trying to get a temporary new one up and going
  21. City: near Spokane State: Washington Country: USA
  22. Wow thats freaky CheeZy! I guess this is the 'ultimate' smog for the LA valley I hope things calm down soon. Be sure to set out those sprinklers! I have some cousins in the valley, I think I'll email them to get some more inside info!
  23. Whoo hooo thanks Ken! No unfortuanately it didn't have the map. It was all bound up in a hardback book. I'm going to have to look at another library. I dug around for text and found some welsh translations. There isn't a whole lost of surving text besides the names of geographic items, flora, fauna etc... The only recent (current to 400 years ago) languages of celtic origin today are: Irish, Gaelic, Max (the 3 Q-Celtic); Welsh, Breton, Cornish (the 3 P-Celtic). Seeing that Welsh is probably the most availible and is said to have some of the oldest roots here is what I came up with from an online translator: sword (n.) cleddyf (cledd; cleddau) [-au, m.], glaif [gleifiau, m.] swordsman (n.) cleddyfwr [cleddyfwyr, m.] spear (n.) be+r [berau, -i, mf.], cethr [-i, -au, f.], cethren [-nau, f.], gwaywffon [gwaywffyn, f.], pa+r [peri, m.], picell [-au, f.], rhaidd [rheiddiau, m.], saffwy [f.] spear (v.) picellu [picell-], tryferu [tryfer-] taflu [tafl-; 3.s. teifl; 2.s.imp. tafl] (v.) throw, fling, cast, hurl, heave, pelt (cast) Taflu is to throw up or away. (heave) Taflu is heave when you throw something. horseman (n.) marchog [-ion, m.], marchogwr [marchogwyr, m.] chariot (n.) cerbyd [-au, m.] driver (n.) gyriedydd [-ion, m.], gyrrwr (gyrriedydd) [gyrwyr, m.] warrior (n.) rhyfelwr [rhyfelwyr, m.] soldier (n.) milwr [milwyr, m.] war (n.) annhangnefedd [m.], rhyfel [-oedd, mf.] wage war (v.) rhyfela [rhyfel-] war cry (n.) rhyfelgri [-au, -oedd, m.] band (n.) aig (eigiau) [f.], band [-au, -iau, m.], caw [-iau, -au, m.], cengl [-au, f.], mintai [minteioedd, f.], rhwymyn [-nau, m.], seindorf [seindyrf, f.], ysnoden [-ni, f.] Mintai is band in the sense of troop. brave (adj.) dewr [pl. -ion], dywal, glew [pl. -ion], gwrol, terrwyn brave man (n.) arwrwas [arwrweision, m.], dewr [-ion, m.] countryman (n.) gwladwr [gwladwyr, m.] marchog eg(marchogion): knight noble (n.) pendefig [-ion, m.] leader (n.) arweinydd [-ion, m.], blaenor [-iaid, m.], blaenwr [blaenwyr, m.], penaig [m.], tywysydd [-ion, m.] leader of a reform druid (n.) derwydd [-on, m.] hero (n.) arwr [arwyr, m.], arwrwas [arwrweision, m.], dewr [-ion, m.], gwron [-iaid, m.], rhyswr [rhyswyr, m.] sergeant (n.) rhingyll [-iaid, m.] gorau (adj.) best, prime (prime) Gorau is prime as first-rate. "Gorau" is the sup. of "da". worker (n.) gweithiwr [gweithwyr, m.] woman (n.) benyw [-od, f.], dynes [-au, f.], gwraig [gwragedd, f.], merch [-ed, f.] Dynes is the female corresponding to "dyn". Gwraig in every way like "gw+r" but female, so may be wife or woman. Merch (cf. "mab") is also "daughter", but is used for "woman". The word 'gwraig' has only one syllable. gw+r [gwy+r, m.] (n.) man; husband (man) Gw+r has the usual sense of "man", an individual (male) human, in some dialects. "Gw+r" is usually "husband" in the dialects which do not use it for "man", and ambiguous in the others (as is "man" in some dialects of English). "Gw+r" is always male ("gwrywaidd", "gw+r"-like, i.e., "masculine"). codi gwy+r (v.) recruit gw+r bonheddig (n.) gentleman gw+r goludog (n.) plutocrat gw+r gradd [m.] (n.) graduate gw+r gweddw (n.) widower gw+r llys (n.) courtier gw+r mawr (n.) aristocrat gw+r pedwar ugain mlynedd oed (n.) octogenarian gw+r traed (n.) pedestrian gwas gw+r bonheddig (n.) flunkey Gwas gw+r bonheddig is a flunkey that is a liveried servant. gwy+r traed (n.pl.) infantry trader (n.) cyfnewidiwr [cyfnewidwyr, m.] wall (n.) caer [-au, ceyrydd, f.], gwal [-iau, -au, gwelydd, f.], magwyr [-ydd, f.], mur [-iau, m.], pared [parwydydd, m.], parwyden [-nau, f.] partition wall (n.) pared [parwydydd, m.] wall bars (n.) barrau gwal wall (v.) gwalio [gwali-], murio [muri-] rampart (n.) caer [-au, ceyrydd, f.], gwarchglawdd [gwarchgloddiau, m.], gwrthglawdd [gwrthgloddiau, m.], rhagfur [-iau, m.] civil (adj.) cartrefol, dinesig, gwladol dwelling (n.) addef [m.], annedd [anheddau, mf.], preswyl (preswylfod) [m.], preswylfa [preswylfeydd, f.] summer dwelling (n.) hafod [-ydd, f.] winter dwelling (n.) hendref [-i, -ydd, f.] farm (n.) amaethdy [amaethdai, m.], ffarm (fferm) [ffermydd, f.], ffermdy [ffermdai, m.], hafod [-ydd, f.], tyddyn [-nod, -nau, m.] Tyddyn has the implication of a small farm. Field – ffarm cae bach (n.) paddock warehouse (n.) ystordy [ystordai, m.] tower (n.) tw+r [tyrau, m.] dock (n.) brawdle [-oedd, m.], doc [m.?], porthladd [-oedd, m.] Brawdle is dock when it is a judgment seat. Doc is the dock to which you fasten a boat. Porthladd is the dock to which you fasten a boat. barrack (n.) gwersyllty [gwersylltai, m.], lluest [-au, m.], lluesty [lluestai, m.] market (n.) marchnad [-oedd, f.], marchnaty [marchnatai, m.] market house (n.) marchnaty [marchnatai, m.] sacred (adj.) cysegredig [cysegredic- &adj] ground (n.) a+r [m.], daear [-oedd, f.], gwaelod [-ion, m.], llawr [lloriau, m.], pridd [m.], sail [seiliau, f.], tir [-oedd, m.] Daear means earth, both as in "Earth", the planet, and "ground", that on which one has two feet firmly planted some of the time. It is also probably the electrical sink. Gwaelod is the ground that is the bottom of something. Llawr is that which is not "lloft", ground, floor, ground floor, foundation, and not relevant here but also story (storey) and so on. It need not be an indoors thing, a "llawr dyrnu" would be a threshing floor, "llawr gwlad" would be low-lying land (as opposed to hillsides). Pridd is earth or ground as a substance. Sail is the ground on which you base an argument. Tir is that of which the landscape is composed. It is sufficiently close in meaning to "daear" that it makes sense to roll out an old cliche about "tir a daear Cymru". burial ground (n.) claddfa [claddfeydd, f.] place of worship (n.) addoldy [addoldai, m.] secret place (n.) argel [-ion, mf.] fortress (n.) amddiffynfa [amddiffynfeydd, f.], caer [-au, ceyrydd, f.], caerfa [caerfeydd, f.], castell [cestyll, m.]
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