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  1. This is what he is talking about CO: http://staff.wildfiregames.com/phpBB2/index.php It can still be nice and clean but it is ran off a forum software.
  2. Hmm, lets see... www.wildfiregames.com www.heavengames.com www.gamedev.net www.3dtotal.com www.google.com
  3. The forums are great, super and I can't think of anything else that would make them better The only bad thing about the forums, and its really indirect actually... but thats the time these forums have taken away from the website development. But... I'm sure we things will get up and going soon
  4. Ho Ho Ho... Merry Christmas!
  5. Looks like Celtic Kings gets an expansion! http://www.haemimontgames.com/punicwars/ Looks pretty cool, to bad it doesn't look they are going to change any of their gameplay, besides a few minor things
  6. I think 0ad is to project specific, something like 'points' or 'fire' would be better IMHO
  7. Well how about this, instead of your borders expanding automatically by some statistical calcualation.. what if you had 'territorries' with a TC on it. Then you advanced your 'borders' by taking over these territories on the map? Maybe this is what RON's "Conquer the World" is like? Not sure, I've only played the multiplayer.
  8. I'm looking forward to AOE III if it ever comes out, other than that I'm 0 A.D. and TLA minded individual
  9. LOL yeah CheeZy its kind of anti-climatic isn't it The problem I was running into was that my computer could only handle so much. Just that one scene took me nearly 48 hours to render. So that is why we limited it to only 2 people on screen.
  10. I was talking the other day with svede about family ancestors and heritage... that sort of thing. He turned out to have quite a few interesting charecters in his liniage. But, I'll let him tell you if he wants... So do you have anyone famous in your family tree? Here.. I'll give it a shot: It is speculated that Robert Burns wrote a poem about one of my ancestors - Grose My great great grandfather was in the cafe of in the middle of Spokane, Washington when the nearly the entire downtown was destroyed in 1889 - Klein
  11. Ah, good man Swellick *gives high 5* Here is what you do Tim... don't turn on the computer in the morning, don't turn on the computer when you get home. Only turn on the computer when you finish your homework Yeah... and I'm one to talk, I should be doing my homework right now But, anyway, the point is to put your priorities on your schooling! I personally find that if I need to get work done (WFG related), I have to turn of MSN messenger. Then I have to not post in every thread on the forum that I find is interesting... Stop surfing the net for the latest world and gaming news... and just start doing stuff. A few ours later I have some pretty good fruits from my labor. So to answer you questions: How can I improve my situation ? Don't turn on your computer till after your homework is done. Not only is it good incentive to complete your homework, but you'll find you do it faster. Remind yourself that you are the only person who can discipline yourself. Its better to learn it now than when your 32 and fat, lazy and out of a job How do you spend your valuable time ? Besides homework (in this order) - Emails, WFG work, WFG forums, WFG chat, World news, HG News, surfing for tutorials Do you think you use your time efficiently ? I think I'd give myself the letter B grade right now. Could be better. Is there some general rule how one should use his/her time ? Fun stuff after the required stuff. Can't eat dessert before you eat dinner.
  12. I would personally like to get some up to date content up on the site IMHO the old website is very poor, need allot of house cleaning
  13. It wasn't that great ZeZar, but thanks for the comliments IMHO it was good for a learning experiance, but the movements are very robotic and I feel we didn't take better advantage of the 'full 3d' capabilities we had with the camera. If you want to see a good 3d movie, I would recommend the preview for AoM or Praetorians.
  14. Ah... no worries Swellick I gave you 20 Currency just for your genious
  15. Thanks for the ideas guys. One comment: Yeah we are looking into this and hopefully can do it. We will see Have any of you ever played 'Risk' the board game? If you guys were going to 'computerize' that game, how would you do it? Could you do it in a real-time fashion? Would it be enjoyable to play?
  16. Are the Atlantians going to totally kick butt and be invincible? I'm guessing not, because ES is good about balancing... but what is there weakness?
  17. Ah.. now this is closer to 0 A.D. than you might think Again part of the instant army idea that Ken came up with for the game.
  18. The closest thing 0 A.D. has to a villager is a female worker. There isn't even a male 'worker' in the game. This is because of the new 'instant army' (by Ken Wood) concept that is new to the RTS genre (to our understanding) This idea of birth wouldn't really have any relivance for 0 A.D. because the units in the game are 'hired' not born. All the 'king' has to do is supply his 'hired' man with the appropriate ore, wood, and food - then the unit is equiped to fight.
  19. I agree with Stuart, we should give some people incentive for registering on our forums/website. Neat idea Swellick I think that would be a good use of the points!
  20. Dude Swellick you got to allow your trivia questions to last more than just a few hours! I would have liked to have tried guessing *cries*
  21. Good list Render, keep on adding to it as you guys think of more things
  22. Hey Sud! Good to see you man! Glad you could join the party Keep us up to date on your AOK LOTR mod progress
  23. Here check this game out... its a RTS/FPS hybrid: http://www.s2games.com/savage/screenshots/index.html
  24. We decided to go with Latin, Cyrillic and Hebrew. I need to talk to you about Hebrew though... we have some questions about word wrapping with text that is written from right to left vs. left to right. So if you see me online sometime, please messege me. Oh and if you read the programmers meeting minutes from today that would further familiarize you with the dilemna that Gee presented.
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