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  1. We decided it would be ok to open some of these forums, lets make them active to make it worth while
  2. Yeah, for everyone who emailed me, or left a messege in the forum for me... I"ll be away for about 24 hours, I got some buisness to take care of in prepration for my school tomorrow. So I'll get back to you all in a few hours
  3. The old forums here: http://forums.heavengames.com/wfg/cgi-bin/Ultimate.cgi are closing in one months time. Unfortunately we thought we would be able to recover the database, but Zen (the webmaster of HG and that forum) informed me on Sunday that we will not be able to save it. The reason is, that the forum conversion that HG was going to do on all its forums has been delayed till next spring. So, this means that if you want to save any of the old posts at that forum you need to go and copy/paste all the text you want into this forum. You have one month, but just to be on the safe side, you better do it in the next 3 weeks. Thanks
  4. Yep, we just reached 100 members in just 3 days, great job people, and thank you all for registering I hope you all can stick around, have fun, and just hang out!
  5. lol, I mean by posting it on our news pages Tim, not you going out of your way to get closed threads at HG
  6. Nothing wrong with that Exactly couldn't have said it better myself But actually I also love the story, and the twist and turns in the plot Yeah Ryan, reruns of Sienfield are tough to top, I just watched on the other night
  7. I see allot of the favorites, but where is all the whys? except dragonslayer
  8. Thanks Sanjab thats great! Any way you could help us with pronounciation, written or recorded?
  9. Cheezy that is a neat idea... where did you come up with it? Or what got you thinking about that? Yeah CO I was wondering the same thing.. are there players who actually like the rushing in RTS games, and be mad if we elimated it?
  10. Wow, lots more XP's than I though there would be... I'm surprised there isn't more MEs Although it was kind of buggy for some people, I personally didn't have a problem with it.
  11. Wow thats pretty even... more than I expected (Except for the Romans, everyone loves the Romans!) Please continue to vote if you haven't already
  12. Oh, forgot to answer your questions We are shooting for a beta release in December of next year. From that point out, the release will depend on how many problems the testers see we need to fix, and how much time we want to spend 'balancing' the civs in the game. It is not a mod, it is a standalone freeware game! The programmers are working on the graphics engine, and we do not have any screenshots currently availible for the engine version they are working on now. But, the engine is called Prometheus and it should be very good. You can visit the website (which we will be updating within the next 2 months) here: http://wildfiregames.com/0ad Or the link is at the top of the forum under the banner
  13. "MakeItWithTheArmyYouGet" - Zezar thats a cool idea? It would be like a battlefield exercise? I think thats pretty cool, and origional too The 'no attack for 5 min' idea is good to. Some people really hate rushing. Widukind what do you mean by in game browser? You mean like an internet browser? CO - good point about the victory conditions. I'm a millitary guy too World pop cap is a neat idea, especially because that would help with the computer resources. I hope we can have 1000's of units on the map, but we will just have to see. BTW if you guys want thousands of units on the map, would you prefer them all being individual units or groups of say.. 2,3, or 4? 16 players, Yikes that would be allot! Like one of our programmers said in a programming meeting said "I don't think I have that many friends" lol Oh and remember, long thoughful posts are welcomed, and in fact... ecouraged!
  14. The forums are dedicated to 0 A.D. but they could use your support too Check them out at: Tonto Clan (nice chats with the tonto_clan members) Phoenix Clan (Our c--lead designer Ken Wood has posted many details about the game not availible anywhere else right now but here) 0 A.D. Empire (a whole forum for 0 A.D. made by our good friend John) Thanks for stopping by their forums!
  15. The tonto clan has a forup up too here: http://www.tontoclan1.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaB...B.cgi?board=0AD
  16. I personally like AoK allot, mainly because it was the first RTS game I really got into. But since then I have learned to love others... I liked Red Alert 2 (especially the ranking of units), I like Rise of Nations with the easy econommy and borders idea. I like AoM with their graphics and gameplay. What your thoughts? What are your favorite RTS's and what is it that you like about them?
  17. What kind of options are you looking for to start your multiplayer games? What did you like from other games? How many players do you want? What kind of styles of winning? What game play modes?
  18. Many of you have played the game Rise of Nations. I was wondering if you all had any thoughts on what you liked or disliked about RON's border systems? Did you feel that the border timers helped stop early rushing? Do you think its good to stop rushing?
  19. Hey guys the Fall TV shows are just unveiling over the next few weeks? Which ones are you looking forward to? I have to admit I don't watch much TV, but here are my picks: Alias! - I'm addicted Boomtown - pretty good show J.A.G. - not sure why I watch it... just a habbit from when I started 8 years ago Thats about it Like I say I don't watch much TV
  20. The Way!. Oooh very nice Micah I have an uncle who owns one of the earlier El Camino's. The ones with the big fins. I don't remember the year. I'm kind of a ford guy, but I make exceptions for classic chevy's. Was that a project car you worked to restore with someone? I used to own a '55 ford pickup but I sold it. I really like the '69 camaro. Hold on to it, you'll kick yourself if you ever sell it! Here is my Chevy list of likes: '62 Nova '55 Chevey Pickup '68-'69 Camaro
  21. Welcome aboard Larry! *claps* Now have a fun few days reading to get caught up with the design
  22. oooo Jags and fancy Frech cars! Great rides! I love cars... I'm a car nut/addict/fanatic
  23. Yeah this is some high quality work, when the time comes Adam and you want WFG to help with more publicity let us know!
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