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  1. I think he fixed it now Klaas Test: Hello! Yes welcome greeneggsnham iamiam
  2. Yeah check this out guys, a 0 A.D. forum even! http://phoenixclan.biz/forum/viewforum.php?f=15
  3. Thanks all! Yeah Penthouse, what Adam said When things pick up, hopefully all 4 projects will be able to stand on their own 2 feet, then we can disconnect the redirects and make them independant.
  4. Yeah ditto to what Jan said Especially this part:
  5. lol poor Stuart Yeah Cheezy we plan too as soon as the new site is up Good to see you here too
  6. Yep thats what we are going to do! Actually _Sanjab we already have the persian list translated. If you wouldn't mind though we could use another eye to look it over and make sure that it is correct. EnglishYes? My Lord? How may I serve you? As you wish I'm coming On my way Attack! For my family! Build Farm Mine or Dig Chop Gather Herd Fish Repair Hunt Your Orders? Ready, Sir My Liege? By your Command Yes, my Lord As you wish Cities will Fall! War Cry! To victory! Yes, great one? Your wish? By the Gods Heal At your service Orders, Sir Ready Move out! March! With my honour Engage! Attack! Formation Hold your position! Retreat! Surround them! Advance! Battle cry PersianBaleh, Areh Sarvareh man, GhorbAn Che khedmati mitavAnam bekonam Anche shomA bekhAhid Man dAram miAm Dar raham Hamleh BarAyeh khAnevAdeham Saakhtan Mazraeh Madan Choob boridan Jam kardan Galleh dari Mahi giri Tamir Shekar Be farmAn shomA AmAdeh, Sarvar arbAbeh man Goosh be farmAnam Baleh Sarvareh man Anche shomA bekhahid SharhA khrarAb khAhand shod Be suyeh piruzi Ari mardeh bozorg Arezuyeh shomA Be omideh khodA Shafa Dar khedmateh shomA hastam Gush be farmAnam, Sarvaram AmAdeh Harekat Ghadam ro BA eftekhAr Nabard Hamleh Meydan Istadan dar jA Aghab neshini Mohasereh konid AnhA rA Pishravi Be suyeh doshman Actually what we really could use would be someone to make some recordings of the text so we could give it to our voice actors to make sure it was pronounced correctly. We are totally missing out on the Parthian words! We could really use allot of help there, we don't even know what language we should use?
  7. Thanks Esus, and yes we do plan on having multiple skin sets. In fact we already have 5 different ones right now! Is there any feature that you guys are looking for that you don't see on the current webpage as ancient as it is (almost 2 years old now!)?
  8. Need to get a deeper understanding of what our fan base is comprised of. Let us know what you use
  9. Tell us what you think? And you can make up a custom one if you would like, or add another option to the thread.
  10. Hmm, I was looking at the 0 A.D. forum and really there are only 3 that the public can post in. What if, we condensed things more? Grouped the redirects in the Community Center, and then Grouped the Game Modification and Tech Support forums in a 'To be opened' forum? Or maybe open up the Scenario Design, RMS and AI forums for wishes and hopes for the game? What do you guys think?
  11. The american lion was pretty cool too: http://www.beringia.com/02/02maina5.html
  12. Dark basic eh? If your looking for a quick and dirty programming language, you also might want to look into Blitz Basic 3d?
  13. Welcome iNtRePiD, your a punk aren't you? Thanks for stopping by! No we probably won't be modding any mainstream RTS games. To busy working on our own... then when we are done with that, we will be to busy modding that
  14. Sorry my mistake, its a '29 Ford Model A ... don't know what I was thinking *slaps forhead* Mine is all in pieces unassembled and painted primer gray, but here is what it is going to look like one day: http://www.eurasia85.be/test/nieuweversief...%20a%201930.jpg Here is what my new mustang looks like (its a special kind they only made 9,000 of them) http://www.maximum-cars.com/Cars/Ford/1983...stang-SVO-1.jpg Why Tim? Cause I'm crazy!
  15. I am turning from the dark side of pirating Last year I put down about $800 for software where before I was using warez versions. Its so tempting and easy to do which is my dilemna. Although I do think that software is way over priced. So are games! Which is why I want to show them how it should be done with a freeware game
  16. I have no love for AOL after they over billed me many years ago and I have scorned them ever since *walks on AOL*
  17. Yeah I was going to say the same thing Klaas Unless tomorrow, we will see in the headline: "Just dug up prehistoric photo from the ice-age of a large rodent"
  18. I actually have 2 cars (technically 6, you know how americans are with thier cars ) I own a big bad SUV I drive in the winter I just purchased a Mustang for commuting to college I also own a Chevy Citation (retarded car) that my new mustang replaced - will be selling soon. I own 2 more Citations for parts for my retarded car And finally I own an old Ford '26 Model A that I am slowly restoring Sad isn't it
  19. Hey cool, glad you could make it Esus. I haven't seen many AoM modding teams out there, besides those guys doing the LOTR one. Tell us when your website is up! I used some of the AoM modding tools a while back ago, just to take a look at how ES did things. I tried to copy their methods with their gia objects But, yeah good stuff
  20. Yeah I think they look really spiffy with the forums All praise should go to irish_stag for making them
  21. Actually your civ list is a little out of date If your going off the current 0 A.D. webpage your forgetting the macedonians and carthaginians. But, I'm looking forward to playing those Britons with their super skilled woad warriors and rumbling war chariots
  22. Check out this huge prehistoric rodent: http://www.msnbc.com/news/968565.asp?0dm=N11NT&cp1=1 The silly thing weighs 1,545 pounds, and is the size of a large bovine! I don't think it would make a very good house pet
  23. Here is what you do... you just start carrying around gum all the time everywhere you go. Then when you notice it... you blatantly pull out a stick for yourself, then you ask him "Do you want some gum?" That has always worked for me If its something that a stick of gum can't mask, you might want to suggest he goes to visit a dentist
  24. Actually Tim helped allot with the skin too He made the background and fixed the colors. I too really like how it turned out.
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