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  1. Conjurer... we have some news about that... Sting hasn't posted it yet. Quaker have you seen the game called "Savage"? It does this.
  2. Cool, well keep us up to date with the progress
  3. About the in game browser.. not sure if we will be able to do that... but we could possibly do something that connects to some 'game server' computer - IF we had a dedicated server computer. But from my understanding those are quite expensive to 'rent' and maintain. It is something to think about though. CO: I agree, I also think that if your going to have so units, why would you want to loose your control for strategic millitary movements. Basically if a group of '3 units' in RON are acting as '1 unit' then when you are viewing 3 units, its basically just eyecandy to make it look like ther
  4. No hurry _Sanjab, probably won't start doing any voice acting for about 6 months
  5. Welcome to the forums! What kind of computer do you think you will have in 2 years?
  6. What would you like your title to be Jacob?
  7. 1) We are shooting for a beta test in December of 2004 - the release of the game after that will be determined by the feedback of the testers and how much time we want to spend perfecting the balancing of the civs. 2) Right now we have cut this freature, but it is on the 'wish list'. To many more important and basic things to do first before we do the fancy stuff 3) I'm estimating 300-400 mb, don't know for sure at this early stage 4) The game doesn't have 'ages' but it does have tech divisions. The divisions are based on the city growth, not the passing of time. This due to the fact that
  8. That was a real screenshot, it was made off a very early graphic demo that h20 made.
  9. Its a neat idea Swellick and we might try to do something like this, but its almost to a 'city building' type of an idea. Also it requires more pathfinding calcualations from the CPU which could be spent on other things like fighting battles. Good ideas though
  10. Looks cool, where did you get your inspiration for the mod?
  11. Yeah thats what I would have guessed, good trivia! You have any more Swellick?
  12. I like playing vs. the computers with some buddies at a LAN party. Nothing better than kicking a computers butt, it doesn't through a fit and hate you for a week
  13. Those impalas (I think early 60's?) with the cool sets of 3 tail lights are pretty neat to.
  14. yeah and she kind of has a big forehead... oh well, if she asked me on a date I would go
  15. Hmmm, assuming your a guy because 99.9999% of the people who ever visit our fourms are guys... You should know that there is only a .00000001% chance a hot girl will read your comment But good luck to you! And a warm welcome to our forums
  16. Hey good you made it Quaker! 3 cheers for MOH
  17. Hey Brad, will you be able to make it to the programmers meeting this Sunday?
  18. What is your favorite random map you have played in any RTS game? Personally I like Black Forrest (yeah I'm boring )
  19. What did you find was good or bad about the AI in other games? For example... a good AI trait that I liked in Rise of Nations, was if you had an idle worker who was idle for more than a set period of time, he would go find his own work to do. What are some that you can think of?
  20. What kind of eye candy do you think we should include in the map editor?
  21. We decided it would be ok to open some of these forums, lets make them active to make it worth while
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