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  1. Maybe some more explanation. The framerate effects both, GPU and CPU. Every frame which is calculated by the GPU is "prepared" by the CPU. I you have no framerate limiter, you get as much as possible frames as your CPU and you GPU can provide. One of them will limit your framerate. No framerate limit (in 0 A.D.) means you set the framerate limiter to maximum. If you lower this limit, your framerate will be limit to the chosen framerate. If your hardware is limiting the framerate before reaching the set framerate limit, you wont get the set framerate. If you choose graphic effects, yo
  2. You can also install it side by side to Windows, so you have a dual boot system. Btw the biggest boost is the used compiler. The Linux GCC creates a much better code than Micrsofts MSVC. On heavy graphics load I get fps increasements compared to Windows up to 30-50%.
  3. I've tried it but didn't get it to work. I will wait for your next phabricator patch :) I worked on Vector3D (https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2789) sometimes ago. The idea was to replace X, Y, Z by one __m128 SSE type and using SSE in the vector functions. Therefore @Imarok helped me replacing all direct accesses on the attributes by getters. At the end we gave up, because as you see, it breaks to many things. @Imarok can tell you more about it.
  4. Too many users would not be able to play the game anymore... I guess, you would be surprised, if you look, how many old hardware is supported. Especial on Linux. But yeah, this would have to be integrated side by side to the OpenGL implementation. But there is currently not enough manpower to do this. Maybe it's easier, to thread the renderer? And sharpening ;)
  5. It's not only a visual thing. In my last game I get annoyed by following behavior. Some of my units were already fighting against the enemy units. Then I selected all my units by double click (left mouse) and send them to attack the enemies. The idea was that the non fighting units help my fighting units to strike back the attack. Instead of that the units who were already in fighting leaved the battle to regroup. Following that the archers of the enemy were killing my regrouping units.
  6. E.g. the units often stop for re-formating. Seems to, you have to download the video, to see the picture. 2021.01.03-16.42.mp4
  7. The movement on Sahyadri Buttes is really bugged. I tested it with 30 horseman. Maybe such maps needs exceptions?
  8. He never specified which version he was trying to build, right? But as you said, A23b uses an older version, the current SVN a never version.
  9. It should be Spidermonkey 78. Seems to, that the general instructions are up to date, but not the Ubuntu specific ones.
  10. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions (Step 4) is fixing the crash which occurs when you start the game. The other bug doesn't occur on Linux that often. It's known as a slow-down, and speed-up bug. If you like, you can use this (https://code.wildfiregames.com/D3066) to fix it. Have a look on the main topic.
  11. Did you run "update-workspaces.sh" again? I guess you should. Else @wraitii might have an idea.
  12. Did you check the other dependencies too? I remember rustc is also new. I don't know, if there are some more new dependencies.
  13. You need to install libfmt. Look at the new build dependencies. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions
  14. Können Sie ihr Anliegen vielleicht nochmals auf Deutsch wiederholen? Ich habe leider nicht verstanden was Sie sagen wollten. Die beiden von Ihnen genannten Einstellungen beschränken die Bildwiederholungsrate im Spiel bzw. im Menü. Die default Einstellung beträgt 60, da die meisten Monitore 60Hz Monitore sind, und deshalb nicht mehr als 60 Bilder pro Sekunde anzeigen können. Ohne Beschränkung würde Ihr Computer, abhängig von der CPU und der GPU, beliebig viele Bilder pro Sekunde berechnen. Je nachdem ob die CPU, oder die GPU zuerst limitiert, würde selbige dauerhaft voll ausgelastet w
  15. Your graphics driver may have the feature "virtual super resolution". If you enable this, you can change the resolution for your Windows, and so the game resolution too.
  16. Not completely right. If you are using Windows and you have scaled your Windows, the game doesn't use the correct resolution. Than the game resolution is: resolution = Windows_resolution / Windows_scale You can solve this by changing the properties of pyrogenesis.exe properties -> Compatibility-> High-DPI settings -> enable "overwrite high DPI scaling"
  17. You need to install "libfmt-dev". The build instructions were updated a few days ago. Maybe you should check the other dependencies too. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions
  18. @django you're welcome I recommended a23b only, because it's needed, if you want to play multiplayer in the lobby. If you only want to play singleplayer, you can also use the newest svn version, so you can use such features like FXAA antialiasing, or sharpening
  19. @vladislavbelov could you help him please. I am not able to build this version on Linux either.
  20. I'm a bit confused, I was thinking, that the cache errors only occur on the new Threadripper 3000 series. I made a new workaround, which should prevent from crashing because of cache detection. But you would need to build the game by your own. Could you build it? The revision number of a23b is r21946. You need the new patch D3031. I'm not sure, if the Threadrippers always needs the patch D1789, but I guess, it shouldn't hurt to take this patch too.
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