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  1. I totally agree with you. Having the menu not in the center is very uncomfortable when using a widescreen.
  2. The original works, yes. But maybe it's cutted in the top and the bottom.
  3. @maroder nice work, thank you. I tested it with my 32:9, seems like the backround is a bit broken.
  4. Additional if you use scaling in windows, you should chose 0A.D. properties -> compatibility-> high DPI settings -> activate override DPI scaling. And than use maybe a bigger "gui.scale" value.
  5. What do you mean when you are talking about RPGs? Are you talking about mechanics like in the Spellforce games? Maybe this will be doable as @wraitii committed D11.
  6. You're right, sorry. I guess if my current Ryzen has problems to run the game without lags, most computers wont it too. The drop down menu was only a suggestion as a compromise between numbers and the on/off switch. Currently I use,like @hyperion suggested, a modification of the sinking time. I could agree on this solution too.
  7. I think you didn't get my point. I suggested a limit of 100 units. As the corpse gets stacked on the battleground, you wont notice the popping. I can provide a video with such a limit this weekend. I don't get why you are against this feature? If you don't like it, don't use it. But only on/off is useless. Nearly nobody will chose "off". The feauture has a so high potential.
  8. Than tell me, what's the intention? How do you understand on/off? As I understand it means corpses as it actually is, or no corpses. The first option hast a big performance impact on battle (also on high end PCs), the other is fast but ugly. So my question is why not a third option in between?
  9. If I look to the survey, I think we need a compromise. People like @nani, me and some others see the greate chance to improve the performance by a not realy noticeable visual impact. Be able to chose a number means the complete choise for everyone. But I totaly understand the other faction who say that they only want to have a on/off switch because of complexity. There are people who have difficulties chosing the right options. So I want to suggest a drop down menu. Three options. One for corpses off, called "performance optimised". One for corpses on, called "quality optimised", and one option with a corpse limit of 100 called "balanced".
  10. Hm, nearly a half of the players seems to prefer on/off. But what is meant here? Does "Off" mean zero corpses, or does "Off" mean a fixed limit of corpses, e.g. 100?
  11. Thanks for your hard work. Take the time you need
  12. You wont notice it, if you chose a limit higher than 100 corpses. If you don't overdo, you will notice a performance improvement anyway
  13. The profiling starts (buffering data) always when the map starts loading. To be able to use/interact with this data, you need to start the profil-server. This is done by pressing ctrl+F11. Another thing you need is the html gui. You find this gui at source->tools->profiler2->profiler2.html. When pressing the button "Save live report to file", the buffered data are saved to the file profile2.jsonp. You find the file in the log folder of 0 A.D. You can also analyze the saved data with this gui. You need to profile the data one time with, and one time without patch to compare the both results. Four things to remember. The map loading effects your profile data. Second, the manual pressing of the button saves the buffered data, there is no possibility to "start" the profiling. Third, don't move your camera while you are profiling, or do it in a reproducible way (e.g. following a player in the replay). Four, use a replay for reproduce.
  14. Yeah I'm currently working on benchmark maps and the possibility to start, save and end the game automatically by triggers. I have currently two benchmark maps. One for heavy graphics load, and one for a big battle scenario. For both maps I created a cinematic flight, so the user is not be able to move the camera. A replay wont be necessary as no AI is used. At the end the tester (you) should only start the benchmark map, and let it run until the cinematic flight has ended. Than you only need to apply and compile the new patch and run the map again. That's it. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D3554
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