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  1. I hope your lying, because that is ridiculous My school is becoming extra stupid with each year. For example, if you get caught throwing a snowball, its three days automoatic suspension, but if you are caught smoking, its only one day....
  2. Like I said, go on top of the school, and dont come down until your demands are met!
  3. Thanks those of you who actually like me
  4. I have an easy schedule, with cool teachers, like high-school teachers should be like , because you learn better then. My first hour teacher (C++) is a real easy going guy that likes to joke around a lot. And he likes 0 A.D. how cool is that? My second hour teacher (Math) is one of the smartest guys I know, and he is real nice and helpful. My third hour teacher (creative writing) is too nice for her own good. You can be 10 minutes late to her class and she'd let you slide. And my fourth hour teacher (American History) is the coolest teacher this side of the mexican border. She is the most easy going teacher ever. She will tell you anything about her. In fact, she is an admitted pot head
  5. This has been discussed alot actually and I agree, would be cool.
  6. What, the Animal? Or are you saying rats as if you're saying "nuts"?
  7. well, wont be seeing him anymore....
  8. i have an idea, dont come on this messagebpard anymore!
  9. Your lucky! But I suppose its easier since you live "in the general area" meaning you dont have to cross the oceans. My brother, once he gets done with the Basic Training this winter, is talking a 5 month trip through Europe. Lucky guy. I bet Ireland has nice beer, especially around St. patricks Day I'd like to go some places in Germany that wern't 'hit in the war', same with France. @Jeru: I would also like to visit the Middle- East, but didn't add that to my list for 'politcal' reason, though, Im sure, that it is definatley nto as bad as I am thinking Ive been watching the US news too much )
  10. t was a long time ago. All I remember, it was a pool at a AmericanInn hotel
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