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  1. Great article Paul. Nice read.
  2. I've always had a love for languages. So I obviously voted that.
  3. haha, I liked the intro too.
  4. Hello Jackie, welcome to teh community
  5. So that puts me and the penguin/lollerskates ahead by what...1 million That guy on joshsubtwo doesn't look very happy
  6. You can. But it won't show the picture in the sig, it will be a link to it. And also you need to host in somewhere, because you can't upload it from your comp.
  7. Welceom to teh forums Jared/Zues Have fun.
  8. We filled up teh gas in the car for $1.69 a gallon today.
  9. All I now is I'm happy that we filled up for a 1.69 today.
  10. Right now it is just a sheild. Or did you mean the Lollerskates?
  11. Nice pics Desmond. Looks like you saw some neat stuff. Welcome back.
  12. Yeah, my hosts server went down, but fear not, it will be back up in a bit.
  13. Yeah, I have him hosting me too (thanks again) and I think he is 're-doing' some server stuff (as this has happened in the past). It will be back up in a few days, buck up.
  14. Yeah, everyone likes the ol' Lollerskates. I would have to say Matt's "hitman" one or Aldaron's.
  15. The Elven Trees you got there are very nice! Looking good. Keep it up guys!
  16. I dont see hwo people dont watch it, good ol' wholesome fun
  17. Most of the time none. The only shows I ever watch are (besides the occasional 'local area network' ) are Everwood and 7th Heaven. And those are all repeats in the summer.
  18. My apologies Bobby. Here, have 1083 currency.
  19. Something tells me he won't be doing much of that. Have a good one though
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