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  1. it thought it was cute !!!! can anyone help me figure on how to do mine ??/ thanks jackie :drug:
  2. nope my son father walked out 3 weeks before he was born and till this day he nothng to do with him... i have full custody and that makes me happy.. he was very abusive metally and physcailly and i don't need that in my life.. and i 'm single and a very straight foward and honest person ... why do need a man i can do everythig they can do and somethings better.. if u want to know anyhing else ask way !!! i have nothing to hide jackie
  3. that kind of confusing ........ but if u say soooo i will go along with u ~jackie
  4. hey all ... well i'm was born in philly and i live in north carolina now and i have a 3 year old son name nicholas. i'm 25 and getting older everyday( somedays i feel older then i'm supose to ) if u want to know aything else .. feel free to put a reply and ask away jackie :drug:
  5. i just want to say hi ~ and that i just joined this morning ... i don't know what io say but hi and its nice to be here ~jackie
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