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  1. The unit/structure viewer (It is not an encyclopaedia. This ain't AOM.) text overlap can be fixed by https://code.wildfiregames.com/D844 . But yeah, the first one is the text being too long for the fixed-size element, as vladislav points out. See also ticket #5148 which suffers from the same problem elsewhere in the GUI.
  2. Well, I'd imagine the uninstall program will only remove stuff it expects to find there. Anything a user adds will probably not be removed. Tell him to: Uninstall 0ad, Delete the directory where 0ad was installed (C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Local\0 A.D. alpha), Delete everything in his cache folder (C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Local\0ad\cache\), Check the mod folder (C:\Users\{user}\Documents\My Games\0ad\mods): In this folder there should be a collection of other folders and nothing else. One of these folders should be named "public". This folder should be empty. Another of these folders should be called "user". This folder should either be empty or contain a subfolder called "maps". (This is where the game saves user-created maps.) All other folders should contain at most two files: either a .zip or a .pyromod file, and, optionally, a mod.json file. Then, once ready... Install 0ad. I realise it's still in English, but I've rephrased the relevant part of the wiki: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Modding_Guide#Wherearethemods Is this any clearer? (Question to anyone who wishes to answer.)
  3. @stanislas69 No, just use the .pyromod extension instead of .zip It could probably be made more explicit on the wiki. The "Modding Guide" page does currently state that "Typically mods are located in binaries/data/mods/" (which is correct - at least for mods distributed with the game), and then goes on to say "but you can also add them to the mods (data) directory" which is actually where we want third-party mods to be placed. This should probably be rewritten to make it clearer.
  4. Frankly, I'm a little surprised he got that semi-working. But yes, that youtuber is demonstrating wrong. The place to install mods on OSX is "~/Library/Application Support/0ad/mods/{mod_name}/{mod_name.zip}". (I mean, if you're going to demonstrate something, it would be a good idea to make sure you're doing it correctly... You'd think the fact it doesn't show up in the mod selection screen would be indicative that he's done something wrong.) Anyway... Are you saying that your original "guy" has done something similar? (Also, where is he communicating with you?) (On Windows (Vista or newer), mods should be installed as: "C:\Users\{user}\Documents\My Games\0ad\mods\{mod_name}\{mod_name}.zip")
  5. A mod written for A22 will certainly not work with A24. A mod written for A23 is very unlikely to work with A24. pyrogenesis probably should check that all enabled mods are (or at least claim to be) compatible every time it starts, but until someone writes code that does that...
  6. Not really a bug, but expected behaviour. A mod created for A22 is not going to work with A23. Your user can either (any one of these should work): Run the program from the command line like so: "0ad -mod=mod", which will start 0ad in the mod-selector screen where they can disable the mod through the gui; or Find the file "user.cfg", and modify the line starting "mod.enabledmods" to remove the reference to delenda_est; or Remove the delenda_est folder manually from their system.
  7. Links to a couple of tickets that have been opened on the topic of the stdlib error: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/5152 https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/5157 (Just to keep things cross-referenced, and people apprised.)
  8. Hello! If you want to run A22 on Ubuntu 18.04, you can acquire it from Ubuntu's own package repositories. The package you're trying to install is, as the name suggests, for use with Ubuntu 17.10.
  9. Error occurs because "obsidiana" is not a valid Type for the Minimap component. Unfortunately, to add it requires a c++ change. (Clearly we missed something whilst de-hard-coding resource types...)
  10. May I ping you? Looks like it'll still happen in A23. Looking at gamesetup.js, the code that assigns a random civ to a player starts by making a list of available "cultures" (filtering out unplayable civs so as not to add their "culture" to the list (unless they happen to share it with a playable civ)), then randomly chooses a civ from a randomly selected culture - but does not check if the civs it's selecting from are all playable. In other words, SelectableInGameSetup needs to be checked on line 2182. So... do you want to fix it, or shall I?
  11. Committed in r21688 (trac / phab). Thanks to all for bringing this to our attention, and your assistance in helping test the fix.
  12. @mapkoc, the patch on phabricator has been updated, could we ask you to try it again?
  13. Problem appears to be caused by a recent commit to the github repository. Please see the (four) comments attached to the problematic commit. (The fishing boat simply hasn't been updated yet. I believe it's on @stanislas69's todo list.)
  14. It bugs because you have units, structures, and techs that (according to the xml and json templates) require either the town or city phase techs, but the xiongnu civ has no way of researching these. This might be intentional, in which case one solution would be to remove any and all town and city phase requirements from the units, techs and structures of the civ. An alternate solution would be to override the generic phase techs with civ-specific ones that either cost nothing and auto-research themselves, or are renamed to be more suitable for a nomadic civ. (The phases might be named "Village" -> "Town" -> "City" in the core game, but that doesn't mean they have to be so in mods. You could have them as "Traveller Band" -> "Caravan Pack" -> "Convoy" (or whatever's suitable).)
  15. Dunno about "Static Obstruction", but the template of the "Shoushe" siege weapon was broken as a side-effect of r20804 (trac / phab). (And selecting the fortress loads that template so the "Shoushe" can be displayed as a build/train option.) Try it now.
  16. The code doesn't know that until it tests for it. Which is what it's trying to do. Last time I saw the contents of your mod (the "v1.01 release", if my notes are accurate), you did have a copy of simulation/components/EntityLimits.js and it doesn't have the function in it. I can't remember right now why you have a copy of the file - and I don't know if you still do - but either update it or remove it. (It looks like the only differences between the version in your mod at v1.01 and the current SVN-version are the missing function, and some added lines in the Schema example.)
  17. That would be something for @s0600204. (That language seen on that screenshot is german). *cough* D844
  18. It should now. Not backport-able: you will need to update your mod to be A23-compatible to use it.
  19. Therein lies the problem. (if you'd moved them to "structures/{civ}/*.xml" and "units/{civ}/*.xml" you wouldn't have the problem, and you'd have even fewer files in each folder.) The simplest "fix" would be to move 'em back (or into the "{structures|unit}/{civ}/*.xml" folder layout). A "code fix" wouldn't really be worth it, as A23 should be released within a month or so. Thus, any code "fix" for A22 would have to be replaced by another "fix" for A23; and would make it harder to upgrade your mod to be compatible with A23. Considering where the change would have to take place, a "code fix" would also be unpleasant.
  20. 1 - Fixed 2 - Unable to duplicate (or I'm misunderstanding you). 3 - Unable to duplicate. (In vanilla 0AD) Building a "Sentry Tower", upgrading it to "Defence Tower", then right-clicking the big entity icon: Template Viewer appears displaying stats of the "Defence Tower".
  21. Thank you. I did say it was nowhere near complete, and clearly one of the things needed to do is check which files are actually needed and which aren't. (Did it for the gui. Mostly. Not so much for the simulation templates.) Doesn't have to be public. Github offers private repositories. (As previously mentioned in this thread.) GitLab does as well (and apparently offers them for free, unlike GitHub which requires a monthly subscription). Also, I'm not sure how GitHub handles repositories that are set to private but have "collaborators" (to use their nomenclature) who don't pay a monthly subscription. git apply {patchfile} (If you're using the command line. There should be an option in most gui abstractions of git that does the trick.) Of course, if you're going to put the project on github/lab it would be easier for me to fork and create a branch. That way you can see the changes split into discrete commits instead of all squashed into one as it is in that file.
  22. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Changelogs
  23. Do you have a version for those of us who are not on Windows? (Or just a changeset perhaps.) Nowhere near complete, but as a start: hyrule_A23-squashed.patch (Could also provide it as a branch if there were some (semi-)public accessible repo...)
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