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  1. May I ask you to have another look at that?
  2. I think the mesh needs rotating in blender (or whatever you use), Lion...
  3. As I mentioned previously in http://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18505&page=10#entry305231, your stables mesh is off-centre (that blue/green/red axis marker is the 0,0,0 origin point for the mesh). I'm not an artist, but I would imagine you would need to centre the mesh in blender on the x,y axis and re-export or something.
  4. In the Aristeia mod, the New Kingdom Egyptian civilisation currently presents the player with a choice when choosing the city-phase tech - to go with a Theban or a Ramesside city phase. Although not reflected fully in art yet, the two choices provide different heroes, champion units and selection of city-phase structures. My point being, the idea is not entirely lost.
  5. My apologies for the delay in responding - work has gotten busy recently. If there's enough interest, I could look into experimentally putting an AOM-style interface together. But it would have to wait until I have some spare time. Ah, thank you.
  6. Should now be fixed. Thank you for spotting. Why would it be, we're several centuries before vanilla Try changing formations/scatter to formations/null in civs/egyptian.json, line 206. Good.
  7. Probably goes without saying, but the AOM-style civ-selection screen would need some thought put into it to permit the addition of further civs via mods. But like wraitii said, that's implementation. Remind me, was that a mockup, or something that was actually implemented by someone? The civ *.json files already have a "culture" attribute. I don't think it's used at the moment. For the most part it's just the same as the civ code of the civ. I suppose it should become an array (because for example, as I understand it, ptols are both egyptian and successors)
  8. Lion: Could we have it so that it the x,y axis is central in the mesh, please. Because at the moment your mesh is being rendered off-centre. I'll update the obstruction values once the mesh sits in the middle of it. neiktb: We were previously using the macedonian ram and the persian stables as placeholders. The new ram is identical to the placeholder but with different shield props. (If you'd already worked this out, then my apologies for telling you something you already knew )
  9. Lion: Should now be fixed in GitHub. Good catch.
  10. What exactly is the problem, Lion? Could it be that you are trying to use units/egyptian/infantry_swordsman_b.xml, but the file you created is units/egyptian/infantry_swordman_b.xml?
  11. Keeping an eye on Aristeia's scripts

  12. Excellent . I'll push the fix to master shortly. Edit: Done.
  13. No, I hadn't noticed that. Hmm. I'll amend them. Edit: He he, units were up to their shins in the floor... Pull request amended.
  14. The files indicated by the errors do not exist in Aristeia. They do however exist in the the convert_attack mod. If you have the convert_attack mod enabled, disable it. Edit: get the name right, and what nietkb said.
  15. I've created template xmls for the added structures. If someone would like to check them, the pull request is here.
  16. Lion, could you try changing the contents of simulation/templates/special/player_egyptian.xml to this, please: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><Entity parent="special/player"> <EntityLimits> <Limits> <Monument>2</Monument> <Obelisk>5</Obelisk> <Sphinx>3</Sphinx> </Limits> <LimitChangers> <Monument> <RamessesII>2</RamessesII> </Monument> </LimitChangers> </EntityLimits></Entity>
  17. Actually, the most up to date of the two would be the information available via the civinfo dialog in-game, but neither is particularly accurate. Consider them as an indicator of what will be, rather than what is. Ardiosmanae is, as far as I can tell, a concept rather than a technology, and may eventually be seen as higher food gather/production rates for the celt and brit civs from game start. Possibly. But it hasn't been implemented yet. Oh, and it has never been implemented as a technology: that was something that was intended as an aura (in r13766) before auras were implemented (in r13998) and has since been corrected. Edit: found revisions
  18. Looks good, but unless my eyes deceive me, is the scale off? (ie. a little bit big in relation to other buildings?) Anyhow, with your permission, I'll add the house to the ocelotlazohteotl mod on GitHub, to join other mesoamerican structures.
  19. Very well. The Kushite-Nubians, according to zophim's list, is one of the proposed civs for the Aristeia mod. Lion has provided information and references above about them, and there's also an older thread concerning them. Zophim even put together a rough design specification that can be found in PDF format in this post or M$ Word format in this one. It makes sense to use work that's already been done as a starting point; so unless you have a different african civ you particularly wish to see implemented first, I advise you download one or both of zophim's current design specs (as I don't know if they are entirely identical) the M$ Word version as it's more complete, read though it, and make suggestions. Further african civilisations can be considered once the Kushite-Nubians are nearing completion. Edit: After looking at zophim's design specification documents, it appears the M$ Word version is more complete.
  20. Ah, got it! See leper's changes in r16110, and do the same in your mod with regards to specifying the icons in the base phase techs, and that should solve your issue.
  21. *chuckles* Yeah, looks like the phase list is out of order. There's a bit of code that works out the order of phases. Needless to say, it had a bug. It should now be fixed. Third time's the charm? I wouldn't count this as an outlier - this bug would have popped up sooner or later. Edit: I don't know why the phase icons down the side are missing. Thoughts, leper? Solved.
  22. @Lion.Kanzen: In the section "Learn to Play", on the main menu. @wowgetoffyourcellphone: Typo, should be fixed. Try again? Edit: Correctly spell peoples' aliases.
  23. @stanislas: Ah, now that's relatively easy. The norse civ doesn't have any structures it can build in the city phase. The code is expecting some and is complaining when it can't find any. If you're running SVN/A18, then replace gui/structree/structree.js in your game's files with https://github.com/s0600204/0ad-structree-mod/raw/A18/gui/structree/structree.js and the error should clear. @wgoyc: Does https://github.com/s0600204/0ad-structree-mod/tree/A18-delenda solve your problems? (If you download and install it as a mod)
  24. Hmm... you're trying to do something (in fact two somethings) that the techs in the core game don't. I think I know where my code's going wrong.
  25. If you can't find the time or effort to draft an entire civilisation proposal, at the very least present us with some references or links so that the community can explore this idea more fully. I, personally, would love to expand my world view and learn more about early african civilisation and culture. Tell us, show us, describe to us, provide the community with resources so we can get some idea of what Africa was really like, and no doubt someone will be inspired. As serveurix said above, "tell us more". Edit: The wikipedia link to an article describing the ancient city of Meroe is a good start.
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