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  1. Relevant revision: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1695 The above, once accepted & committed, will fix the Credits screen. If there are any other translation-gaps you've come across, please make them known.
  2. The translations are being pulled from Transifex, but the translate() calls in the JS code appear to not be used correctly. And yes, good catch @thekolian1996!
  3. Do you happen to have another version of boost installed on your system? Perhaps version 1.53? Edit: Yeah, that appears to be it. I'm guessing at some point you've installed the boost-devel package from the CentOS repos. Unless you need this for compiling something else, I recommend you remove it. (If you do need it for compiling something else, then will that something compile with Boost 1.68, and if not - well, that's when things get interesting...)
  4. Hi @skaiware, I'm having difficulty replicating your issue with my VM. I wonder if you could run a few things and report back the results? What is the output when the following command is run? ld --verbose | grep SEARCH_DIR | tr -s '; ' '\n; Could you provide the file pyrogenesis.make (from the folder ./build/workspaces/gcc/)? Are you trying to compile A23 or the current svn head?
  5. Not to worry, this is to be expected. Due to work on resolving various multiplayer issues, there is a possibility that the A23 original-release and the A23 re-release is not fully 100% compatible. Thus, a new lobby instance has been created for the A23 re-release, which is what you're seeing... which has no players in it because we haven't released the re-release yet. Once we do, everyone who updates to the re-release will migrate over. An internal soundcard is one that is internal or built-in to the computer. An external soundcard is one that is connected externally to your computer via a USB, Firewire, Thunderbolt or Lightning (very, very frightening me! Galileo!... sorry) cable. If your headphones or speakers plug directly into your computer, you have an internal soundcard. If your headphones or speakers plug in to a box separate from your computer but connected by a data cable, then you might have an external soundcard. (If connected via an audio cable, then the box is more likely to be an amplifier of some description.)
  6. (The crash with no soundcard present or available was #4786 / r19877, fixed as of r21097 (by Itms, not me)) I don't recall doing anything else regards to audio problems. Sorry. (Imarok has D1481, but that hides the messages if --nosound is passed.) As to @Servo, I think we'd need to know more. Built-in soundcard or external? Version of OpenAL being used? What programs do you have running in the background (anything that might interfere, cause the system to reset the audio connection, or take up a lot of memory)? What happens if you have some music playing in a media player (Quicktime, VLC, or other) in the background - do the errors still occur, does the music cut-out when 0AD loses audio, or something else? If we can find another program that plays ogg files through OpenAL, then we could see if that also suffers from the same problem.
  7. Try using the arrows at the side to move 0ad above Hyrule Conquest. (Mods are loaded in the order shown, top-to-bottom. You appear to be loading them out-of-order.)
  8. Indeed. When not zipped, the folder structure should be: ./binaries/data/mods/public/ |- art/ |- audio/ |- globalscripts/ |- [...] '- mod.json Whilst when zipped, it should be: ./binaries/data/mods/public/ '- public.zip |- art/ |- audio/ |- globalscripts/ |- [...] '- mod.json
  9. When you extracted the zip file, how did the folder structure look? [...]/mods/public/public/[art|maps|...] or [...]/mods/public/[art|maps|...] Similarly, what is the structure of the new zip file - is there a mod.json in the root level of the new zipped file? And how exactly did you re-zip it?
  10. Huh. On my VM, I was able to successfully compile the game with the provided gcc 4.8.5. And I did not have a package by the name of devtoolset-7-gcc (or similar) installed at all. But if you're telling me that it is required for someone using a physical machine, then so be it.
  11. With due respect, according to the list of packages on the CentOS 7 primary mirror, gcc 4.8.5 has been available since April 25th.
  12. As we haven't heard back for a couple of weeks, I've played around with a virtual machine and put together something based on this thread and my own exploration. It can be found at https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions#CentOS. If the instructions are (or become) incorrect, please feel free to suggest corrections.
  13. EPEL provides wxGTK3-devel which should do the trick. You may have to explicitly tell the build system to use version 3.0. The easiest way to do this is to open ./build/premake/external_libs5.lua and replace the two instances of wx-config with wx-config-3.0 Re-run update-workspaces.sh and then make in the appropriate folders.
  14. Unless you specified an alternate install path, ./b2 install places the library under /usr/local/ (with the headers in ./include/boost and the compiled bits in ./lib) (If you simply ran ./b2, then the compiled bits are in ./stage/lib respective to the b2 script, and you''ll have to copy things manually. It's probably best to use ./b2 install) You might need to re-run update-workspaces.sh to register the correct files. The -mt suffix on the library names means that the libraries were compiled with multi-threading support. This appears to not be the default. Either way, update-workspaces.sh should find and link in the correct ones.
  15. Good catch, thanks. The trac wiki has been updated.
  16. libsodium needs to be at least version 1.0.14. EPEL should have version 1.0.16. (Annoyingly it also, as you've found out, has version 1.0.5. In this case you'll want libsodium and not libsodium13)
  17. I don't think that should be necessary - run make clean in the ./workspaces/gcc/ folder, then try make again.
  18. Just to check, did you re-run update-workspaces.sh after installing sdl2? And what does pkg-config --cflags sdl2 return?
  19. As @(-_-) points out, 0AD needs version 2.0.2 or greater. The 2.0.8 version should work.
  20. Please pay attention to the dependencies as stated on our wiki. 0AD depends on sdl2, not sdl (although originating from the same project, they are not interchangeable.) Also note that, as mentioned above, sdl2 is one of the libraries the official CentOS repositories appears to lack. You may need to build from source.
  21. Looking through an online list of packages available for CentOS 7 (such as this one), the package you need is libxml2-devel, which contains the file libxml-2.0.pc (and places it under /usr/lib64/pkgconfig). (libxml2 is not version 2 of the (deprecated) libxml library. The "Dependencies" section of the Build Instructions does specify libxml2.) Edit to add: Looking into it a little further, it might not be possible (or very difficult) to compile 0AD on CentOS 7 (or 6) at all, as: CentOS 7's official repos appear to lack the libenet, libgloox, libsodium, miniupnpc, openal, and sdl2 libraries, all of which are required dependencies of 0AD. (Also appears to lack wxwidgets, which is required for Atlas, our map editor.) The minimum version of boost required to compile/run 0AD is version 1.57. CentOS 7 has 1.53. If you do succeed, we'd love to know how (and so we can add instructions to our wiki).
  22. With due respect, @mimo's continued absence is not a bug. Disappointing? Yes. An impediment to AI development? Most definitely. A bug within 0AD? Nope. Thus, I'm relocating this thread out of "Bug Reports" to somewhere a bit more appropriate. As to who will fix AI problems: 0AD is Open-Source, so as mentioned above: anyone who wishes to. While admittedly no-one else possesses mimo's accumulated knowledge and experience of the AI code and subsystems, we welcome and will consider all contributions (so long as they comply with the submission guidelines). (And FYI mimo is on a self-imposed hiatus. Whether or not he returns is up to him.)
  23. Thank you for the report. The highlighted text in the second and third screenshots above are on Transifex, in the "Manual" resource. They appear to be both translatable and translated. They haven't arrived in game yet, due to the project being in something of a string freeze for the time being. Imgur screenshot 1 : The text for the load-game dialog is not being picked up for translation. I've raised a concern on the relevant commit: https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP20537 Imgur screenshots 2 & 5 : the text for the multiplayer parts of gamesetup are not being picked up for translation. I've raised a concern on the appropriate commit here: https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP19380 Imgur screenshot 3 : Needs someone to widen the space allotted for the caption. It would make a nice starter task for a new contributor, so I've created a ticket for just that: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/5298 Imgur screenshot 4 : The "Enable"/"Disable" button texts in the mod selector gui are not marked for translation. I've raised a concern here: https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP21721
  24. Related: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/20219-minmod/ (for the colour/artwork, not the multitude of mine-types)
  25. The repository containing the code and assets is publicly accessible online, and the part of it that defines how 0AD acts and looks can be found at any of the following locations: https://code.wildfiregames.com/source/0ad/browse/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/ https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public https://github.com/0ad/0ad/tree/master/binaries/data/mods/public The music can be found under audio/music/, the pictures for the loading-tips are under art/textures/ui/loading/tips/, and the quotes themselves are in gui/text/ If you intend to use them outside of 0AD, then please bear in mind that all art and audio are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0, and most of the other assets in the above folders are under GPL-2.0. See LICENSE.txt for specifics, and search the forums for questions as to how to legally use the assets. If you wish to listen to the game's music on your personal device, then you can find versions that are specially mastered for such use here. (An earlier release with older versions of the tracks can be found here.) Again, these are licensed under CC-SA 3.0, as above.
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