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  1. Some illustrations of Anuradhapura's time: Here's a cavalryman from the 5th-6th century AD: Here's a foot warrior from the same period: Archer cavalry and swordman: Maiden archer on war elephant: War ship: Fishing canoe: Emperor Ashoka's diplomatic gift to King Devanampiyatissa of Anuradhapura (3rd century BC):
  2. Oh man, I'm sure you did it on purpose, just to get me wrong! By the way, nice art as usual!
  3. Early Chola army in civilization 3: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/empires-of-the-east-tamilakam.534000/
  4. Gupta army in Civilization 3: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/empires-of-the-east-guptas.539910/
  5. Yes, I think that's the reason. The error is: "failed to load entity template...zapo..."
  6. I'm probably off-topic, but it seems the last svn update has broken the zapotec wooden tower...it can't be built anymore...I don't know about other civs, haven't tested yet...
  7. Nice houses! As for the bottom part of the tower, I would rather see a more brownish kind of stone, but I'm not a specialist...So I guess the CC will be the next piece of work...I like the buildings so far
  8. Wow! Thank you for your information, Lion.Kanzen! This is very interesting. I think I imagined zapotecs as mayas, who lived in the jungles of Yucatan if I'm not mistaken...But at least, I knew that Amazon was not in central America The thing is, currently it's the only "american" map of the game, as far as I know...
  9. Yep I know, but I thought it would be interesting to play zapotecs on this map.
  10. Ok. I think the last update added an amazon map, I'll test it with zapotecs
  11. They can fish too? I didn't know! I have to play again to see all the details I missed! Also I didn't check this, but has the mod added new maps?
  12. I understand: the infantry was indeed very effective, and gained experience rather quickly. In the future, the dock would need fishing boats. I can't wait to see new models for female villager, and priest!
  13. Yes I did, forgot to mention it though But I didn't found a suitable picture for reference, only found aztec and mayan priests...
  14. Congratulations for your work on zapotecs! I have tested the civ quickly yesterday, and it seems very interesting! I like the battle priests, even though they can't fight, for the boost of attack they bring in battle, though I don't know of what use the normal priests can be now...If I may suggest, I think the melee warriors (Micuantli?) could be champions, and maybe the archers too. For the femal villager, I think you're using the egyptian villager as a placeholder for now, so I have found a picture that could be of help: http://imgur.com/gallery/kMrlg The zapotec woman in the one in the middle, with braids. She doesn't look too happy, maybe she's a widow
  15. Thank you very much for the gate fixing, Lordgood! You're the greatest pony I know! Now it works perfectly, and this is something you won't have to worry about anymore before the next alpha release. A little reaction to the previous comments: I think I misunderstood the way 0ad team is working. Now I understand that mods are not only a way to have fun, but also a necessary step for artists and programmers to keep an interest into a long-lived project which still needs many improvements, and sharpen or develop their skills on a specific field. In all honesty, I can't complain about mods, because I enjoy them as much as the main game. My point was, from a player perspective, to remind you respectfully that this is originally a game about ancient history with mediterranean civilizations at its core, and the player community will be attracted by that before anything else. For example, I was surprised when I discussed with some players that they knew nothing about great mods such as Rise of the East or Delenda Est, and even never played with mauryans or ptolemies because they didn't know what kind of civ they were! They came for Spartans and Romans mostly. Actually, the game rich historical background is almost too good and too detailed for most players (not my opinion at all, but that's a fact). A pity that they don't realize the implication and commitment of your team to make an historically accurate game, with a distinctive educational touch that so many games lack. I try my best to communicate about your work and the changes you're bringing progressively. I think that moddb is a good showcase for you guys, but not enough to appeal to, for exemple, young french players, who for a large part of them, still haven't heard of this game, not to mention the mods. I see you went in Toulouse to give this game a little more exposure, and that was a great initiative! So, maybe more players will be attracted now... Finally, I seize this moment to congratulate you (Lorgood, Stan?) for your great work on the Terra Magna mod, attached to Rise of the East. The zapotec civ is really nice and brings some novelty to the game. I have tested it quickly yesterday, and I have some suggestions for the mod, but I'll open another topic. I didn't see an announcement about it, maybe because it's not ready for the alpha version, but it's really promising! Regards.
  16. I'm sorry, this is not very clear to me (google translate?) but I understood that Lordgood at least was involved in the kushite project and meso project, and other mods...while being part of the main team...Well, as you said, you guys will do what you want to do I'm just a player, and lately I don't have much opportunities to help, other than by play testing and reporting problems when I notice them. Regards.
  17. Ok...Now, it's not that I want to sound bossy, I have neither the skills, nor the legitimacy, not even the time to be, and it's obviously not the kind of attitude that can help... BUT shouldn't the dev team prioritize fixing problems like that, and making new cavalry models (dunno if the same people who are making buildings are working on it), like the great new infantry ones, instead of _for exemple_starting a kushite civilization (as exciting as it may be)? Not to mention that there are already several mods in progress (I didn't see any significant progress in Aristeia for a long time...) and a mysterious meso civ that has not appeared yet despite the preview pics... Hope I don't sound too harsh, because I really like what you're doing with this game, but I'm just worried that you'd disperse too much of your resources, talent and energy into new projects when there is still a lot to do with existing ones, and you don't have a lot of people to work on it...I actually don't think that Kushites are a bad idea, but, as far as I'm concerned, it should not be a prioriy right now...For exemple, there are still no specific wonders for Gauls, Spartans, and Macedonians, ships animations could be improved, little carthaginian walls have not been implemented, etc. I would also like to see byzantines, khmers and my proposal for Anuradhapura Kingdom being implemented too, but honestly I understand that it should not be a priority right now either. Focusing on the main game is better, I think. I really like the addition of the champion infantry for Ptolemies though! Obviously, it's a hobby for you guys, so you'll do what you feel you want to do, but I just felt I wanted to give my opinion on this! Whatever you do, keep the good work!
  18. Did someone tried to fix the gate? It still doesn't work for me. It's a pity that it doesn't work the way it should, because the closing/opening animation is gorgeous!
  19. Well, you can't have war elephants without expecting this kind of inconvenience :))
  20. Hi, I noticed a problem when the new carthaginian gate closes. You can see it here: http://imgur.com/a/WR6Rk
  21. I don't understand the relation between the parrot and my link?
  22. This could be interesting too: http://research.famsi.org/zapotec/zapotec_list.php?search=maize or corn
  23. It's not really important if it's a mod, it's still another civ! And that's just great!
  24. I'm very happy another civ is worked on! The zapotecs (?) would give a new flavour to an already excellent game!
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