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  1. Any news? Can we expect a release this month for 0ad alpha 18? Otherwise, I really like this mod and I think this is a great addition to a great game! Keep the good work!
  2. Amazing release once again! I really appreciate the return of formations, even if we can't use them in battle yet. It's so much better than having a glued crowd of units bumping each other all the time! The seleucid architecture is awesome, and it really is something considering how few information we have about their architetecture today. One thing however: I don't have the same market graphics as showed on the picture, but the same greek markets as Athens, or Sparta, is this an error? As for the civilian units upgrading, I still regret the system implemented in alpha 16, where you could upgrade them by research. I think the upgrading system with battle is not really bad, but it takes too much time to gain experience. It would be better if heroes could give a boost in gaining experience for these units, or a special research with the same effect. I like the early wood towers, and I find the graphisms better than before, which is great. The water effects seem to have been improved too. So far, I like this release, more than I did with the previous one. I hope different languages for the civs will be implemented in the next one. Congratulations for all your work and dedication guys!
  3. Hi stanislas69 and niektb! Thank your for your answers and congratulations for your excellent mod! It is the main reason why I have not disinstalled alpha 17 yet. I love the art, the music, everything! You know, I'm a "builder player" type, so I love building beautiful cities, and the chinese palaces and temples are great for this. I'm waiting for the wonder! My favorite civs for 0ad are the maurya (I love the elephant worker!) ptolemies, and carthaginians. What I liked about formations for the units, was the fact that I could make a beautiful scenery with formations of hoplites, archers, etc. in front of my buildings. I think I could definitely give a try with the scenario functionality of alpha 17.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm gonna give my feedback on alpha 17. First, I must congratulate the team of 0ad for the whole work they've been delivering to us since the last few years. I've been playing this game since alpha 14 naukratis, but I never intervened on the forum since I only got an ID yesterday, in order to download the excellent mod "rise of the east". As far as I'm concerned, I do not feel any need to complain nor do I feel I have a debt towards the development team since I'm an anonym player (exclusively playing in single mode I must say), and since it is a free rts game provided by people doing this on their free time. So no demands here, but a simple opinion. I must say that this release seems to be the least solid, if you compare it to the two last releases. Indeed, alpha 15 osiris implemented the ptolemaic civ, with new maps and new designs. Alpha 16 patanjali completed this civ, added special formations (syntagma, tortuga for the romans), and added the seleucid civ. What does alpha 17 bring to us? Formations have been cancelled, I don't know why, because they worked perfectly for me (though it is true that some blocks of units used to break formations when selected in aggressive stance), the system of upgrade for citizen units has been cancelled as well (It's a pity because I liked it a lot), and no new graphics for the seleucids have been implemented, and as far as I'm concerned, I was not particularly in wait of a new design for some iberic buildings. In addition, no strategic choice has to be made in the forge anymore. I must say I'm kind of disappointed, and it is not the possibilty to put a garrison on the walls that can compensate for all these losses. So in my opinion, it is a transition release that could have been perfected before being released. I'm looking forward alpha 18 to see what improvements will be added, but for the time being, I think I will revert back to alpha 16, because I enjoy it a lot more. I'm sure there's a logical or practical reason behind every choice that has been made, but as I'm not involved in the developpement, I don't know these reasons (It's also the first time I use the forum, so maybe all the issues have already been discussed). P.S: I apologize for my english, for it is not my mother language.
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