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  1. Moche warriors: https://imgur.com/gallery/DGmXk https://imgur.com/gallery/dTHcN Lord of Sipan's tomb: https://imgur.com/gallery/6b8eH https://imgur.com/gallery/y7GX5 Moche human sacrifice (prisoner of war): https://imgur.com/a/la03x https://imgur.com/gallery/Y6oGK https://imgur.com/gallery/hLw6W Lord of Sipan illustration: https://imgur.com/gallery/QEFlI
  2. Some reconstructions: Huaca Rajada de Sipan: Huaca Cao Viejo: Huaca de la Luna: Moche patterns: (Huaca de la Luna) (Moche tomb at "El Brujo", Trujillo)
  3. Here are examples of Moche warriors: it seems accurate, considering the current knowledge we have of them: And here is a warrior priest (Lord of Sipan, named after the place where his rich tomb was found): Another illustrations: A depiction of a human sacrifice:
  4. Aha...Let's wait then...and see
  5. It could be good to have a little video introducing the new civ,and some of its features...
  6. I think the mochicas are more documented, and I might be able to find more about them
  7. Another example of "huipil" (mexican dress): https://www.trekearth.com/gallery/North_America/Mexico/Oaxaca/Oaxaca/Oaxaca/photo1145161.htm
  8. Well it's true Sundiata has done quite a research for the kushites!
  9. Yes, it could be quite interesting too, I just wonder how much material we have at our disposal, for references? Anyway, including some andean civ would be a great addition, and also adding the Mayas for precolombian civs to give a little challenge to zapotecs, who must feel really lonely now
  10. Alexandermb, would you be interested to create a new female villager for the zapotecs, once you'll have completed all your current work? By the way, I didn't expressed it yet on the forum, but as a player, I really want to thank you and congratulate you for all the work you've done so far on this game. The improvements you have added to this game, concerning the units and animations are the most significant improvements there have been for a long time! I've never quite enjoyed playing with cavalry before you've revamped all the horses models. Now I can finally play with the persians, being thrilled with a cavalry charge! And I really like your siege machines servants too, they really add realism, if not immersion to the game! I hope one day, you'll be able to make some animations on the ships: slaves and shipmates, etc. as I already enjoy very much your animations for fishermen! So congratulations, and keep up the good work!
  11. And what do you think of the units?
  12. Here are some pictures I took from an exhibition in Paris (Museum of Quai Branly - Jacques Chirac) about the civilizations that came before the incas, and among them the Mochicas. It could be used as references, especially the priestess.
  13. The Moche culture was an ancient andean civilization, which flourished in northern coast of Peru between 100 AD to 750 AD. It could be interesting to add this civ to the mod, though the timeframe is closer to the second part of the game, than that of "Empires ascendant"... Wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moche_culture
  14. Byzantine units artwork in "Empires apart":
  15. Byzantine buildings in the rts game: "Empires apart", available on steam: Byzantine buildings by Warsmithy/Catbarf for age of empires 2hd: http://aok.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=st&fn=9&tn=44098&f=9,44098,0,30&st=210
  16. Reconstruction of Aachen palace, during the reign of Charlemagne: https://www.lelivrescolaire.fr/index.html#!manuel/1170224/histoire-geographie-5e-2016/chapitre/1170226/byzance-et-leurope-carolingienne/page/1170233/lempire-carolingien-sous-charlemagne/lecon/document/1300740
  17. So we'll have a brand new civilization in terra magna, soon?
  18. Now I just wanna report some problem in DE: the spearman in the chariot is walking on his platform whenever the chariot is moving
  19. What's wrong with the current one ? Well, isn't it a placeholder (egyptian woman)? I think a unique model could be great! Lion's got references for potential model. You're right about that Yet, I'm pretty sure Han chinese used chariots, though not the same chariots, and not with such numbers as in previous eras...
  20. No problem! I just wanted to know if there had been any progress lately By the way, it could also be good to include the chinese chariot that Justus added as a unit in Delenda est...Furthermore, the next change you could implement in this mod would be a new woman villager model for zapotecs, and maybe one special unit in the fortress, other than the ram? Just saying...
  21. Hello! Has the chinese fortress been fixed ? I didn't play yet, so I wouldn't know...
  22. I mean, when the chinese fortress is built, the screen shows quite a few lines of errors, and when the building is selected, no siege unit can be produced, there's just nothing...this kind of error has happened before with the seleucid fortress, but has been corrected since...
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