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  1. Hagia Sophia in 3d video, I guess it'll be the byzantine wonder :
  2. Video reconstruction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uX4UJv-eIjQ
  3. Byzantium reconstruction: http://www.byzantium1200.com/greatpalace.html
  4. Great progress so far! Congratulations! Here are byzantine style churches: in Crimea (Kerch) Church of Christ Pantocrator (Nesebar, Bulgaria): Monastery of Panagia Kosmosotira (Feres, Greece):
  5. @GunChleoc Thank you! Five factions for Scotland seems too much, even if it makes sense...Maybe two: Gaels and picts...Now I have some readings
  6. I like your idea, however, these three-units-pack should not impact too much the population cap, meaning it should only count as one unit...or was it precisely what you intended to do? Also, there's now a need for bishop graphics Description: http://www.thefinertimes.com/Middle-Ages/bishops-in-the-middle-ages.html Illustrations: Saint Frederick of Utrecht, ninth century: Saint Oswald of Worcester, Archbishop of York (10th century):
  7. Yes, the palace is the building on the left wing. That's a good idea to separate the buildings
  8. Are these nations already planned? I think it could be awesome to have the whole british/irish civs in the mod... Some features: Let's start with... Welsh: Emblem: dragon of Wales : Y Ddraig Goch: Maybe there were other symbols used at the time of the game, I will have a deeper look into heraldry history Possible heroes: - Rhodri the Great (c.820-878) king of Gwynedd, contemporary to Alfred the Great, - Gruffudd ap Cynan, king of all Wales, unified the welsh resistance to the Norman rule Traditional unit: Longbowman, pride of welsh medieval armies, long distance archer also called Saethwyr: http://wiki.totalwar.com/w/Saethwyr_(M2TW-K-BC_unit) Other units: http://m2tw.warlore.org/units/Meirionnydd_Spearmen_?campaign=britannia http://m2tw.warlore.org/units/Welsh_Skirmishers?campaign=britannia
  9. Ok! I didn't realize that, because I didn't play enough! I thought of another possible technology: "Missi dominici" which could be available as soon as Charlemagne is in the game: it could give a bonus in the gathering of resources to show the good administration that was established under Charlemagne's rule, OR it might be another bonus: increasing speed in the recruitment of units? Have a look at the wikipage: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missus_dominicus
  10. You've got a point! If it can be done, why not?
  11. By the way, what will be the use of the carolingian watermill? I think the building is beautiful as much as it is picturesque, but it should have a purpose in the game, maybe smithy technologies? I know the frankish swords were the best of their time (as tough as the Damas steel)...
  12. For the wonder, I was talking about the palatine chapel only, not the whole palatial complex
  13. Aachen, as it was during Charlemagne's time. The palatine chapel is on the right with its octogonal shape, Maybe this building could be the carolingian wonder : The original shape is still visible nowadays: Inside :
  14. You could also give the christian priests to anglo-saxons, because they were already christianised at this time (e.g Alfred the great) And maybe add the fisherman to the carolingian dock? It doesn't have one for the moment...
  15. @Alexandermb @wackyserious Thank you very much! You guys did a incredible job to revive the caro civ in just a few days! I am more than confident in your talents to implement the byzantines, maybe within a couple of months? Congratulations!
  16. Well, I do like the current texture, more than the previous one. I've seen houses and buildings like those in eastern and northern France, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, and Romania (Transylavania mainly), I would'nt know if they really fit in the dark ages period, because I'm not a specialist of this period, but they certainly feel germanic to me, and not too high or fortified like it would be in late middle ages...Personnally I think it's going in the good direction, though changes can be made here and there, but I've got the feeling of this
  17. Sanctuary of Demeter, in Eleusis: Chryselephantine statues of goddess Demeter and Triptolemus: View from the balcony:
  18. Minoan civilians (first two subjects):
  19. Mycenaean civilians with priest:
  20. Mycenaean warriors (the first three from the left): Mycenaean war chariot:
  21. Mycenae (aerial view):
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