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  1. Old Irish is the oldest form of Goidelic that we have good evidence for, so it could be used for the Britons. We could then go for the Brythonic branch for the Gauls, unless we find someone who can reconstruct enough continental Celtic for these phrases? Akerbeltz has been working off that list He's a linguist, lexicographer and translator, so you can be sure he will take grammar and pronunciation into consideration and not just the vocabulary with everything he posts Here is the list with proper formatting and necessary word censor cheat What is it? Coté?My lord? A thigerna?I will walk Reg
  2. Make sure you make them a bit bigger than needed, so the extra background can wrap around the back when the button is made. Also, button edges tend to curve, so leave enough space between the edge and the text.
  3. The problem right now is tha we can't use their stuff in any case, because of the -NC license.
  4. I thought I better make an obvious topic for this rather than continuing to report in the French language thread. I think these need separating, since they're both the generic and the specific name. BrasidasChandragupta MauryaThere might be more.
  5. From Wikipedia: Since I couldn't find the word itself in the classical dictionary, I've researched how the ending -óg/-ag was spelled in Classic Gaelic, and it's -óc. So, the Specific Name for crannog should be crannóc. For example, compare Irish féasóg to Scottish Gaelic feusag and Classical Irish fésóc. Currach: curach is spelled with 1 r only.
  6. There are 2 variations of this string: Classes: Melee Infantry Spearman.Counters: 2x vs. All Cavalry.Countered by: Skirmishers, Swordsmen, Cavalry Archers.One of them has an extra blank space at the end of the second line.
  7. Yes, the official documentation will have to wait, but I think we could start having a separate froum already. A sticky with instructions can always be added to that forum later IMHO.
  8. I just stumbled upon another translation thread in the Modification forum, only because it was the last reply and it caught my eye in the forum index. What does everybody think about having a i18n/l10n forum and move all the relevant threads there? This would help attract translators and also make the translation/string fixing job a lot easier. I think if could be a sub-forum in the dev forum. What do you guys think?
  9. Thanks for doing the i18n work, and thanks fo Loki for your reports! BTW I always recommend that you download the file from Transifex when the day's work is done, and loading it into a program like Virtaal or Poedit that has a translation memory. This way, if there are slight string changes the next day (like fixing a typo), when you get the new file and work in your program again, it will suggest a translation and you won't have to do the whole work over again for the string
  10. Just a small naming point: in this document: http://trac.wildfire.../Civ%3A_Britons I found the following quote concerning fishing ships for the Britons: Coracle is actually the English pronunciation of the Welsh word for Gaelic currach, so they are the same. This creates problems when translating into Celtic languages. We need two different names, maybe "big coracle" or "long coracle" something for the second boat, and "round coracle" or "small coracle" for the first? Here are some examples for coracles/curraich: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coracle http://www.dark-age-boats.co.uk/britishrom
  11. Thanks! I guess the only way to detect new combinations for this string is intensive playtesting until I stumble upon it, because the placeholder won't tell me
  12. Great work! I have been searching around for what we could use, but apart from burial mounds most things are either eyecandy like this burial wagon or big like the salt mines, but not both at the same time.
  13. Maybe you could team up with a translator. You would then write the articles in your native languages and the translator would create the English version. Or am I wrong in assuming that the aim is to have everything translated anyway, if possible?
  14. I've just hit a problem with a sandhi effect - I don't know how to resolve this elegantly. Convert %(wall)s to %(gate)s Dèan %(gate)s dhen %(wall)s Now, "gate" ="geata" and "wall" = balla, which will make this: But what I need is: I guess if there aren't too many types of walls, we could separate the strings and get rid of the place holder?
  15. Me too, but I'm a language geek, so does that count?
  16. A tree is gender-neutral in English, masculine in German and feminine in Gaelic. As long as we always refer to specific types of entities, this shouldn't be a problem though; e.g. I expect one only harvests wood from a tree. We should keep this at the back of our heads but not worry too much about it at this stage.
  17. They use a female^ prefix in Wesnoth. If you go that route, you would need to create an English translation to get rid of the prefix, or write some code to filter it out. I once wrote something like this in C, maybe it can be adapted to C++: char *displaytooltip = _(text_grabbed_from_XML); char **splittooltip = g_strsplit (displaytooltip,"^",-1); if(g_strcmp0(splittooltip[0],"female")==0 && splittooltip[1] != NULL) displaytooltip = g_strdup(splittooltip[1]); g_strfreev(splittooltip); You could also have a look at the GNU Q_ macro, but I don't know how that would work with XML.
  18. Is it possible to make counters/countered by gender specific? I just hit one of these strings in my translation and I will need to translate it to something like "He/She goes against" and "He/She will be gone against by"
  19. You are right - we do need something pinned. So, no need to apologise! It would be good to have something written up though: - How to add a language - How to translate, including links to tools - How to proofread - How to test - How to submit translations (Can translations be grabbed automatically from Transifex?) I vote for restricting translations to team members on Transifex, so we can have some quality control. So, team coordinators can decide who has the necessary experience/skills to proofread. We could keep this thread to discuss how we want to do things, and the new thread to help with
  20. The images that are localized for Wesnoth are the logo and scenario maps. Buttons etc. are generated dynamically from gettext. Regarding image sizes, I just posted this article that might be useful in the interface concepts thread.
  21. I think I will have problems fitting my translation on that button: Start game = Tòisich air geama. You might find this article helpful when designing sizes for buttons etc: http://www.w3.org/In...ticle-text-size Here's their table on string length: No. of characters in English source Average expansion Up to 10 200–300% 11–20 180–200% 21–30 160–180% 31–50 140–160% 51–70 151-170% Over 70 130% We also might need more height for non-Latin scripts. I will be happy to do some size testing once there's a Windows build available for testing translations, since my
  22. It is - you can work directly in Transifex or download the files if you prefer to use Virtaal or Poedit
  23. My friend needs a bit of string clarification for a proper translation: I will go out against - against what, the enemy? I will march - to and fro, or against the enemy? When these two are answered, we will have proto-Basque
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