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  1. Hi all, Sorry for barging in a bit late on this discussion, I did not see this until now. First a few words about where I'm coming from: I have been working as a localizer for 2 years now both professionally for proprietary software and as a hobby for Opoen Source, and I can't wait to get started translating this game into Scottish Gaelic If I may make an observation from past experience and hair-pulling: Whatever you do internally, I strongly recommend presenting translators with PO files. This is why: Access to translation memories and easy cooperation PO files allow you to use translation
  2. I'd be happy to add this game to my localisation queue for Scottish Gaelic once it has reached the stage that it can be translated. As a translation system, I warmly recomment gettext po files. This will make your localisers happy! Online platforms are also a good idea to keep the efforts coordinated, you might even be able to automatise adding online translations into nightly builds. I know that SuperTuxKart do that. Some also automatically inform the translators when changes have been made to the source language file. Here's the platforms I'm familiar with: https://www.transifex.com/ http://
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