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  1. 4) Thar' be midgets in the corn silo again, Maggie!
  2. Why not use Roman military rank titles? Anything from legionnaire and centurion up to consul and emperor?
  3. That's fair enough; there's nothing better than being able to be critical of one's own culture. But there really wasn't anything to indicate that you're American. In any case, I don't think it changes the point - that, for all WFG staffers, it's very inappropriate to use those terms about a culture on our own website. I know it's what you usually find on all sorts of forums, but it's something else when you're a representative of the company that runs the website.
  4. Eken, it's rich that you write this when you've already commented on Americans being fat, lazy and stupid. I want to remind you that you have a WFG Staff tag under your name. That means that any statement that you make here can be seen as a representation of WFG's viewpoints. A comment like the one you've made is *very* inappropriate in that regard. When in doubt, just ask yourself: If you were to visit the Blizzard forums, and saw their Lead Designer - or something - post that Canadians are vain hypocrites, would it not tell you something about the professionalism of the entire company? So think before you post - that small tag carries a load of responsibility.
  5. Yesterday, the grass seemed much greener. Also the leaves of a beautiful oak tree looked as if they were painted with bad paint brushes bought from Home Depot. Near this tree stood a man who looked, contrary to the grass, healthier than he had yesterday.
  6. You realize you're doing this vote for a game which still has two years in development, right? Think of what else might happen in your life in two years, and the 'slow' progress on the game may suddenly not seem such a big deal
  7. I'll be knitting a couple of sweaters for my grandchildren.
  8. Mythos > It wasn't really meant *that* seriously... Quacker > It's ok, I know who you mean. RealDeal > It's probably okay, for now, at least if it's kept to the in-team forums, but I have a feeling that when we start getting more publicity, we should, in keeping with our desire to act professionally on all levels, keep it to a minimum.
  9. Well, I don't know about the VIP's, but at least not on the dev team, I believe.
  10. *Sigh...* If anyone ever wondered why there aren't any gals on the team...
  11. The Armageddon soundtrack is Trevor Rabin's, I think...
  12. He's German, I believe, and was responsible for a host of modern time soundtracks (Thin Red Line (a favorite of mine), Black Hawk Down, Crimson Tide and of course the much debated Gladiator soundtrack.) Anyway, yeah, get the Cutthroat Island soundtrack. 'Morgans Ride' is worth the cash alone. It mixes the fury of Gladiator with the heroic theme of... something with a heroic theme in it.
  13. I couldn't quite figure out whether this is a contest for this year's movies or movies in general. On one hand, you nominate films like Liar Liar and South Park which are years old, but on the other hand, you can't seriously mean that films like Gothika, Liar Liar, Bad Santa - or even Matrix or LotR - are reasonable nominations in any category at all if we're talking films of all time...!
  14. Another thing I've always wondered about - the pronounciation of the letter 'Z'. In America, it's 'zee'. But other people pronounce it 'zet' - would that be in the UK?
  15. I'm telling you again, go get "Morgans Ride" from the Cutthroat Island soundtrack if you're into these kinds of epic soundtracks. It has what's gotta be one of the most powerful build-ups for this kind of music.
  16. Hey, I'm (theoretically) a dept. leader (Sound Dept.) - so my name should be red, right?
  17. Here's a tip from a hardcore soundtrack collector If you like powerful, heroic, orchestral music that'll make your blood run, go find the track 'Morgans Ride' from the soundtrack to Cutthroat Island. The movie sucked, but this is good stuff
  18. And the best tip of all - don't assume that girls are so stereotyped or generalized that any particular 'trick' will work on them ...
  19. Saying that someone can't vote 1 because he knows nothing about the game is the same as saying that none of these votes have any meaning at all - which I agree with. The poll is for fun and can't reveal anything valuable - so let it slide if someone votes below average.
  20. Nope, sorry. It's more mainstream, although maybe 10 years old...
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