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  1. What really surprises me is that it's now over two years since we did the trailer... shows on one of the Old Forum snapshots, where someone comments on how it in some ways beats the trailer for Rome: Total War. And of course, Kristo was there right away to tell us how it sucked... great stuff!
  2. Looking at your evidence, Jason, it raises the question: What happened to the african villager mod? Anyway, early 2001 sounds right, because I remember joining late 2001, and there were already some members then. (Hmm... has it really been 3 years already??) I really wish I had taken some screenshots from back then. Like when our forums were just 10 subforums on one screen, covering everything from 0 A.D. to TLA to Insurrection development as well as public discussion. I even seem to remember an earlier version of the forums too, but it's all too hazy right now.
  3. Our new concept artist, Brendan (b.w.keough), has completed three outstanding concepts of Carthaginian footmen units. Check the Unit Concept Gallery to see them all. - Boris (Vaevictis)
  4. Just figured we should make this offical: Welcome to Shan Coster (Centurion_13), who has joined the ranks of 0 A.D. staff members. Shan is now a member of the Art Department, and he'll specifically be creating unit textures for the game. Shan was recruited from the public forums, where some of you may have seen him recently. Remember, if any of you also feel that you may have something to contribute, check out the Vacancies page in the menu and send us an application. You could be the next one getting a front page welcome! - Boris (Vaevictis)
  5. Hear ye, hear ye! The 0 A.D. staff is proud to present the brand new official 0 A.D. website. In the future, this site will be the place to find the latest news on all things related to 0 A.D. Regular 0 A.D. fanatics may have noticed that up until now, the 0 A.D. website suffered from very rare news updates. This is about to change with the introduction of regular features, interviews and goodies, so bookmark the site today! As the menu on the left suggests, the new website focuses on three different areas: Information about 0 A.D. such as gameplay, screenshots, etc. This section will be updated all the time, so be sure to check back often. Behind-the-scenes news. From now on, the website will give you some insight into the process of developing the game. We'll not only keep you updated on staff and department lists, but we'll also regularly publish dev articles by different staff members. These will tell you about all that's going on in the different staff departments. The 0 A.D. community. The forums have had a makeover, but that's only the beginning. We're going to make an effort to strengthen the community in the future through initiatives such as events, contests. etc. The site is result of hard work by Nate (CodeOptimist), Stuart (Acumen), and Jason (Wijitmaker). Big round of applause for them! That's it for now! Be sure to read the first Dev Article, tell all your friends about 0 A.D., and check back often for new stuff! - Boris (Vaevictis)
  6. Anders - Can I presume that you're (also) Danish?
  7. Updated my post with a screen of what I mean, but if circular meters are tricky, then it probably won't be much use. Could be cool though.
  8. I love this, really. I do so want to see a new take on the classic RTS interface, and I do so want to see 0 A.D. look different. I agree a lot about trying to use round shapes - it's worth a try. I have no idea whether placing it all in the top will throw off a lot of players, but I'll happily give it a try. One thing you could look into is the left orb. There's a lot of wasted space because the four stats are placed so far apart, and because they have numbers as well as icons. Why not replace the heart and the health number with just a green health bar? People will immediately pick up that it represents health - they don't need the heart. Whether they need health expressed as a number - I personally doubt it. You'd have to do a whole lot of micromanaging to care about the exact number of hit points for an individual unit. So what you could do is this: Convert health into a 'meter' - maybe even look into making it a semi-circle which is attached to the lower half of the unit portrait? Similarly, the chevron icon could be removed and be represented by a meter of some kind. Whatever is left (Gate, Resources, etc.) could be placed in a half-circle above the unit portrait. Then you'd have the whole area below the portrait for unit name / type, player name if you wish, etc. This is what I mean. Sorta. Well, just a thought. In any case, good to see that someone isn't afraid of thinking in revolutionary design.
  9. We Europeans hug like crazy - actually, it can become awkward when we don't.
  10. Yeah, the sad thing is that 0 A.D. got a lot of coverage on a lot of sites, but they all have those old screenshots with the 2D buildings ..
  11. Ah, thank you... but we have much newer shots on this site.
  12. Let´s get this up as front page news, right Sunny?
  13. Well, nobody told me (or her, for that matter). We lived separately, but one day, she sought out our father when she realised that the man whom she had previously thought to be her biological father, wasn't after all.
  14. I thought I had just one (younger) sister, but when I was eighteen, I discovered I had another sister, 5 years older then me.
  15. That sounds like an interesting idea - I don't know the design document by heart, so who knows, it might already be like that. But it could be an interesting feature if a celtic house held more people, but also took longer time to build - and other things to support more realistic cities.
  16. Yeah, they had that in Torment too - the Ubiqtuous Zombie.
  17. Wow, too bad the old threads can't be read, that brings back stuff.
  18. We have just been joined by a dedicated PR gal (see Welcome Thread on this forum) whose sole responsibility is to deal with outwards exposure. Also, there will be some major (as major as it can get, really) changes internally before the end of the year that may help the long waiting time for the game.
  19. Just a brief discussion of our whereabouts. Daniel turns out to live around 140 km from me, not far at all.
  20. .. And that's the story of how Belle's introduction thread turned Scandinavian.
  21. Jada - jeg står snart med ansvaret for 0 A.D.'s community, og så bliver det *obligatorisk* at skrive på dansk...
  22. Hej Daniel - godt at se flere skandinaver i nærheden - og så endda Jylland ligesom mig? Hvorhenne? Jeg er selv århusianer..
  23. Well, go take a look for yourself! Server: ftp.wildfiregames.com Login: Gamblor Pass: everythingforfree ... uh, wait...
  24. I would say 'how can we know'? Or rather that I find it a strange coincidence that we happen to think WFG is THE most talented, and at the same time happen to be part of WFG, too.
  25. Quoting point 2 of the 4-step internal plan laid out by the PR dept.: "2) Reworking the forums Reorganising the community structure. We want 0 A.D. fans to focus on the 0 A.D. community. This will be done by expanding the space that 0 A.D. fans have at their disposal, and it will be done by using that space to promote 0 A.D. material from now on." Seriously though, we're definitely going to have an Announcements forum and probably a Suggestions forum if the idea is popular. More ideas are welcome, though. I'm not sure if it can be done before Tim comes back, though?
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