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  1. Being in co-charge of the Music Appreciation Society around here, and seeing how much you like games, I invite you to a round of lyrics guessing. I'll post a line of lyrics. The first one to guess the song title (with bonus points for band name) gets to post the next line - but only after getting the guess confirmed by the poster of the lyrics. All right. Let's start out easy for warm-up: "You wanna hear about my new obsession? / I'm riding high upon a deep depression."
  2. Seems to me that the major thing to do about the website is some structuring of all the data. There are 29 menu items right now - surely we can cut down on those? The routine of updating regularly works neatly, though.
  3. All I see you crossing here is the fine line between sanity and obsession.
  4. There's a somewhat technical explanation for that - it has to do with the mp3 format adding a tiny, tiny bit of silence to a track when you encode it - so you can't loop it now without having a small gap - but when the music is implemented, it will use the .ogg format, so it shouldn't be a problem. . . if that's what you meant
  5. Last we heard from our intrepid musician, he was preparing to travel to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; quite a daunting task for a European. Well, he's all happy and settled, but without Internet. Well, I've managed to find an Internet cafe now, and look at you! You've made a lot of progress since I left. So many new members. And this forum rocks - how do I get '0 A.D. Soundtrack Composer' as my title? Ah well, I'll contribute with the newest mp3 tomorrow or the day after that, just to prove that I have actually doing something out of the swimming pool. Stay alert.. PS. They have cool license plates down here - one of the first days I saw a "WFG 6114". I hope it isn't a portent of when 0 A.D. will be finished.. I'll return shortly. V.
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