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  1. Everyone, welcome Matt Green (aka xtizer), the newest addition to the programming department. Stuart (aka Acumen) introduces: "He has a degree in Electronic Communications under his belt and worked in communications software for a while. His major claim to fame is that he's worked on a number of computer game titles for the GBA, first for Software Creations, then Acclaim. Licensed titles for a younger audience (read: marketing gold mine) such as "All Star Baseball 2004" and "Simpsons Treehouse of Horror". He co-wrote the core engine used for these and other off-shoot titles, and was the Lead Programmer for his last two projects at Acclaim ("Stuart Little 2" and "Rugrats Castle Capers") before his team was given the boot."
  2. "A u å æ ø i æ å" - Southern Danish for "I'm out on the isle in the creek."
  3. A new poll is up. This time, we're asking how long you've been around 0 A.D.
  4. It varies a great deal from culture to culture. Some, like Celtic and Persian, have a distinc music style associated with them. Others are a bit more obscure, and for those, I tend to associate them with an image or a concept. For this track and the Carthaginians, I've built on the image of the Carthaginian war elephant and the slow, monotonous marching interrupted by fanfare-like horns. In general, though, my main concern is to keep style consistency within the music set for each civ.
  5. Well, if all thread topics can be expressed in words, and all words can be formed with letters, then there can't be more possible topics than the number of ways you can combine the letters in the alphabet - since there's a limit to topic length. Or something.
  6. The following new audio track from the 0 A.D. soundtrack has been put in the music gallery: Carthaginian Battle 1 - 2,2 mb / 2:23 min. (Right-click to Save As..) This is one of the battle tracks that will play when the Carthaginian civilisation engages in combat. Enjoy.
  7. [img center]http://www.wildfiregames.com/~art/cheezy/screens/wild_horses_thumb.jpg[/img center] While horses won't be a playable race in 0 A.D., that does not mean they should be disregarded entirely, as shown in this screenshot. Check the screenshot gallery for the enlarged version.
  8. [img center]http://www.wildfiregames.com/~art/cheezy/screens/standoff_thumb.jpg[/img center] Head over to the screenshot gallery for a new screenshot, this time showing two small armies facing off.
  9. [img center]http://www.wildfiregames.com/~art/cheezy/screens/ardennes_forest_clearing_thumb.jpg[/img center] We're ending the year of 2004 with a series of new screenshots, and here's the is the first one - the Ardennes forest clearing. Check the screenshot gallery for the full screenshot. Enjoy and check back soon!
  10. Christmas is not quite over yet. Check out the site over the coming days for extra treats.
  11. Two aspiring historians made it through the eye of the needle. Welcome, Ashley and Nathan, to the History Department and the 0 A.D. team.
  12. Stuart Walpole (Acumen), our resident Programming Manager, has written a great follow-up to his first developer article. This time, Stuart discusses the reasoning behind going 3D with 0 A.D. instead of the 2D/3D hybrid that was originally planned. Click here to read the article, which, as an extra incentive, comes with a new, exclusive screenshot featuring the Romans. In the near future, look for a dev article by Project Leader Jason Bishop, which details what's in a day's work when you're chief of the 0 A.D. development project.
  13. Be sure to vote in our new poll - where did you first hear about 0 A.D.? Your answer will help us determine where the fanbase comes from, and where to concentrate our PR efforts. Also, you're welcome to elaborate on your answer (which gaming site, which community, etc.) by adding a comment to this newspost.
  14. For all applicants to the 0 A.D. historian position: You have under one week remaining to complete and send-in your articles. On December 14, 2004 ALL history articles are required to be in the hands of Paal_101 for evaluation. Thank you and good luck to all!
  15. Yes, it's true - two new screenshots featuring the Pre-Imperial Romans await you at the Gallery.
  16. Those who have applied will be judged to go on to the second level. To those who have already sent in their application forms, be ready to receive instructions on the test projects. They could come at any time after Sunday the 28th. Also, be sure to check out three new history articles written by our historian Joshua Gilbert (aka Shogun_144): The Maccabees Medicine in the Ancient World Trade in the Ancient World They all contain a wealth of information that we hope you will find fun and interesting to read!
  17. Resident historian Paul Basar (Paal_101) has completed a new article. It is structured as a chronological overview over the historical battles of the Persians. Remember that if you have a passion for writing articles like these, we still need a historian to work with Paul on the team (see the Vacancies page).
  18. 0 A.D. is looking for another historian to aid the project. If you are interested in researching the ancient world and writing about it, plus having a meaningful effect on the game, check out the Vacancies section of the site. There you will find a list of all the duties and skills required for this exciting position.
  19. As you may have noticed, the forums have gotten a visual upgrade to fit the website theme. This is only one of several additions that will be made to the website in the near future. We're only just beginning...
  20. Exactly what Michael said. We have not 'monopolized' the concept of researching - we've just done it thoroughly, then added / modified what we felt was necessary for the sake of gameplay. That's why using our stuff may not be the optimal solution for either you or us. I'm sure Shogun, our resident article writer, can point you to some inspirational articles / sources that you can use to do your own research.
  21. David Benjamin is our newest addition to the team. He'll be teaming up with Shan to create unit textures for 0 A.D. David's profile will soon be up on the page. Welcome!
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