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  1. They won!! But today they will lose and Portugal will be the champ of Europe.
  2. Also England is out now today france will get into the semi-finales, i think
  3. Ok I do it. It was a practical, where we had to build a intranet-site where you see all employees with a small image and name.
  4. He's a player but not for the lakers I think Not sure where he plays
  5. I'm very happy about the 2 goals Zizou is simply the best!! germany didn' lose argalius!!
  6. ok, this is a picture of me when I was in Poland with Tim
  7. Oh yes that was really funny!!! I'm wondering which of these two photos is better.
  8. I just turn on my TV for some minutes or go to WFG and read some posts
  9. Was is enough? I mean: Are your eyes still working?
  10. What's about Whoppers? I dont' think Hamburgers are the only food
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