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  1. I finally got security clearance to say all this. Quacker, as you know him, is not a him. Quacker has been an undercover AI project for the past 3 years. He is the most advanced AI system known to man, and you guys have been chosen to experience it. "What?" you say. What about the emails, the MSN chats, the personalization to everything he says, even his frustrations at life and at problems? They're all brain-child of myself and other scientists. Different modules helps us create these life-like emotions. This may not seem real, and, being an AI, it really isn't. I fear that this may be going on deaf ears, as it seems so, so, unreal, for lack of a better word. However, it has been hard for man to take truths in the past, such as the sun being the center of the universe and the earth being round. I look forward to seeing your responses as it will help us sort out and put new ideas into Quacker. Thank you for your time, Jordan Yes, I let Quacker use my first name. I have not the clearance to give my last name or the last names of any one scientist.
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