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  1. you should use the profiler to check if the problem is the graphic. I don't think that change the graphic to isometric is a fast thing Non penso che cambiare il motore grafico per renderlo isometrico, e ricreare tutti i modelli degli edifici e delle animazioni sia cosa da poco
  2. yeah, i've found this confusing too... maybe a red cross could be more explicit
  3. maybe, for gsoc 2013, you could propose some of the tasks that are planned for part 2, like units on the wall
  4. Virtual tour of ancient Miletus It is been made with OpenSceneGraph
  5. http://www.machinimamagic.com/public/index.php/mdriver-overview interesting!
  6. this is because textures are applied horizontally to the plain? could be possible apply vertical textures when cliffs are too high, to prevent stretches? or maybe different types of textures?
  7. unfortunaly many laptop producers, and Sony is one of them, only want their certified drivers for Windows. I have a Sony Vaio with Ati 5650 graphic card, and i'm forced to keep old drivers (8.723.8.2-100920a-105610C-Sony). Fortunaly, it runs 0 AD well,but maybe newer drivers could work also better
  8. i haven't seen it entirely, but he makes a timeline about the Age of Empires saga (that he likes much) and then introduce Age of Empires online, and he was disappointed because of the poor graphic and the online concept of the game, all based on interaction with other players and quests: - no historical background - simplified gameplay - AEO online seems Team Fortress - it seems a parody of old AOE, and he has lost the feeling of old titles - it's recommended only to new players, old players of AOE saga are disappointed - it was developed by a company specialized in mobile games @13.41 he says: 0 AD is the last hope for players who likes old AOE games, it's developed by people all around the world joined in the Wildfire Games group. 0 AD is continually updated, based on old Age of Empires, with a realistic and historical background, and with a graphic engine similar to AOM. The game has worderful code, created by brilliant minds, that deserve my support. I want to take your attention for the future on this game, that is also free
  9. cool... it's a wonderful example that demonstrates how men are able to build marvellous things and destroy them with barbarian attitudes edit: in the right column of youtube i've found this, similar but more cinematic:
  10. good for newcomers maybe you could add instructions about how posting useful info of new bugs in bugs forum section, for example how to take a screenshothow find interestinglog.html and others log files
  11. hi, i've just dowloaded alpha 9 and found one problem, that you probably already know, about women get stucked the map is Battle for the Tiber. If you want, i have also the savegame As you can see, a woman try to reach the Civic Centre, while the other try to reach the field, and they get stucked with two trees
  12. seems very good looking your picture, maybe the roads are too large, but i want to test it in game when alpha 9 will be released
  13. FF it's a special symbol of the ascii table, and stands for new page form feed http://www.asciitable.com/
  14. and the one that i prefer:
  15. maybe you could ask to join the development team, so, when you have a new version of your work, you can upload it to svn and just make an announce in the forum
  16. just to remember that March 9 is the Mentoring organization application deadline
  17. i'm not a programmer, but i think the task i've proposed should require less mentoring than more critical and core ones like pathfinding Unknown Horizons, a game like 1602, partecipates to gsoc since last year http://www.unknown-horizons.org/
  18. zombie post i was thinking about the Android implementation (or at least GUI and control) task for next GSOC. What do you think?
  19. hotkeys in game: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/HotKeys some of these should be the same for Atlas
  20. http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15436&view=findpost&p=234288
  21. i've seen from the tickets' log that the work to implement healing is started. How it should work? I hope that will be avoided too much micromanagement of clicking to every target unit that must be healed. I like the system used by Warzone 2100: healing units automatically heal units that are into a radius
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