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  1. Intéressant, je vais l'essayer et voir comment cela fonctionne pour moi.
  2. Well hey now, let me try that--I do indeed have a ryzen CPU. EDIT: It worked, thank you so much!
  3. Been a fan of 0 AD since like 2014, played lots back in the day. Recently got a new PC and finally decided to download 0 AD and try it out. Upon downloading and installing, it tries to launch and this happens. Any clue? EDIT : Also I can't seem to find the application to launch it..did it install improperly? Did the direct download from the 0 AD site, Ken Wood update. No shortcut on desktop either, so I can't even launch again.
  4. Whenever I try to place the dock, unless almost the entirety of it is on land, it physically won't place. I'll try again, but same thing with the walls-whenever it was red, it wouldn't place it. EDIt: You are absolutely correct, I feel so stupid. Thank you!
  5. I'm an avid long-time 0 A.D. player, and as I saw there was a new update a while back, I updated and gave the atlas another try. However, I've found there to be a few changes that I annoy me greatly, but might be fixable? First, when setting a dock, all of it has to be absurdly on land--whereas before they only needed a little on land, in order to look like a dock that actually goes in the water. Secondly, while the overlap which makes the object being set red and unable to place is handy sometimes, it prevents me (so far) from setting walls directly next to each other, or slightly overlapping so as to provide a smooth continuation. Is there a better way to create walls or disable the placement preventer so as to be able to create a seamless wall? Thanks, KayEhn
  6. Hey guys! It's been a while. Recently, I created a map with the Map Builder tool. I have worked on it the past couple of days. Now, it crashes, after I load it, and once I click on the 'object' tab. No clue what's going on. crashlog.zip crashlog (2).zip
  7. Indeed, there were spies present in the later ages, during the Mongol Expansion under Ghengis Khan. They were an arabic group based out of the mountains-the Mongols had various run-ins with them.
  8. I ended up just reinstalling the game completely, but thanks for the help!
  9. I'm using Windows7, and the newest (12).
  10. Sorry for the long list, i don't know how to use a spoiler. Here is a smaller version that i get as well Function call failed: return value was -110100 (VFS directory not found) Location: vfs.cpp:105 (VFS::GetDirectoryEntries) Call stack: 00F9AEEB 00DD30A1 00DD3144 00F931FF 00F93230 7EFDE000 errno = 0 (No error reported here) OS error = 2 (The system cannot find the file
  11. For some reason, my 0ad, whenever i try to open it, automatically crashes. Also, the world atlas won't open. I was just using both of these extensively yesterday. When it crashes, it displays this (Warning, it is quite a lot of numbers)
  12. Yo hablo un poco, pero soy de los Estados Unidos.
  13. http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15987&hl=egyptians&fromsearch=1
  14. I use Windows. Also, i am using the Windows version, Alpha 11. How would i do that, myconid?
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