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  1. Thanks Lion, though sad to say but I took some time to think about it last night and I've decided to put school on hold for a month or two due to financial concerns and to invest the time I would be spending on classes to brush up on my basics (my sketching has gotten pretty bad and I don't really want to have to take a catch up class. lol)
  2. The mod, though hopefully once I learn enough I'll be able to help out with 0 A.D. as well. =)
  3. Looks great guys, keep up the good work! On an unrelated note I wanted to publicly announce that I'm now enrolled in classes for my BA in Game Art & Design and very hopeful to soon be working with Giant Lynx Studios on this project. =)
  4. So I'm trying to come up with ideas for the Asian civilizations, but I'm running into a few issues, firstly Japan, I'm kinda at a loss since there wasn't much going on in the Yayoi period (which lines up with 0 A.D.), then there's China, they have about 3 different dynasties during the 0 A.D. time period, however Korea was pretty stable until 108 BC when Gojoseon collapsed which gave way to the Three Kingdoms period of Korea... So I guess what I'm getting at is should I just name them as such: Chinese, Japanese, Koreans? And would anyone want to collaborate and see if we can flesh out these civs to be added later? O.o
  5. Do you think we're actually more advanced than our ancestors? Remember the Egyptians and Mayans built pyraminds with precisely cut stones, only in this modern age have we been able to achieve such a feat. While our ancestors may have lived a simpler life, that does not mean they were less intelligent, they had to do more with less, they actually had to think, which 90% of the world's population doesn't or has lost the ability to do, because thinking is hard, people have computers read books to them, people make music on the computer instead of playing an instrument, people have a computer do calculations for them that they either never could or are too lazy to do... quite simply computers are the catalyst of the rampant degeneration of the human race's intelligence, but that's not the point here. My point is that our ancestors were quite intelligent and figured out ways to create great things with a lot of hard work and little technology.
  6. Why not do what AoK did, iirc, the farm had 2 states, bare and planted, it becomes planted when you initially build it, but once you deplete it then it becomes bare, then it costs said 100 Wood to replant it (probably handled by a replant button in the Field's control panel?), and as state a toggle button to be able to auto-replant for 100 Wood would always be good. Just my 2 cents P.S. This is the game development section as well as technical discussion, game development can be a discussion until itself as pros and cons are weighed for the implementation of different options, please keep this in mind, and everyone remember to keep it civil or Mythos_Ruler shall unleash his horde of historically incorrect flying monkey men armed with lazor rifles. =P
  7. It's good to hear your experiments for learning scenarios is going well, that'll definitely be helpful. As for the strategic campaign, I think it would definitely be nice to have as many folk enjoy single-player either exclusively or as a break from multiplayer.
  8. Well technically it's correct, the people who built Stonehenge were of Celtic ancestry. =P
  9. @Sig: A league system like that is a great idea, although I'd say make it a three-sided affair to keep things interesting.
  10. @Mythos: A indie game that came out recently called Tryst managed to do a Research Screen fairly well (though it wasn't branching it was more unit based) and worked of a tier system unlocked via Tier building upgrade, perhaps something to experiment with (sometime later when you have spare time) is perhaps Age based and maybe require prerequisite buildings? O.o
  11. A learning campaign would be great, I'm slightly embarrassed to say I didn't know what to expect when starting out, and it took a moment for me to realize this played like AoE.
  12. Also making Huntables more noticeable on the minimap could help make it more attractive as well, as I had a difficult time on my first game spotting any huntables and went bushes>chickens>field for food. -.-
  13. Well, at the moment you can launch raids much earlier in 0 A.D. versus say Age of Empires Online since you can train raiding cavalry from your civic center, so I'm not sure how much attention raiding currently needs at the present moment.
  14. I noticed this in another recent game, that Female Citizens and even Male Citizen-Soldiers must get within melee range in order to kill a huntable animal, I'm hoping that they will be given the ability to use a bow in this case in a future build.
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