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  1. ok, then just a remind for GSOC 2013
  2. another Google initiative for students between 13 and 17: Google Code-In http://www.google-melange.com/gci/homepage/google/gci2012 There are also some games (some are the same of GSOC) http://www.google-melange.com/gci/tasks/google/gci2012 http://www.copyleftgames.org/
  3. WOW!!! I'm not a programmer, so excuse my silly questions: do you think that this gain is due to the C++ -> C# translation or to the passage from OpenGL to DirectX? do you think to mantain the OpenGL compatibility using Mono?
  4. it could be cool using something similar to the antique world maps, that were flat and limited to Europe, North Africa and Middle East http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Early_world_maps#Anaximander_.28c._610_.E2.80.93_546_BCE.29
  5. i see only the upper part of the screenshot. just for curiosity: if you disable GUI and shadows in the C++ 0AD, what is your framerate?
  6. some cool rocks http://avaxnews.com/appealing/Balancing_Rock.html
  7. other blacksmith tools that could be added: have you ever thought to add some units (only decorative) to the buildings to make them more alive? for example adding a blacksmith working like this:
  8. well, i'm a TBS games fan, so i will be very happy if these diplomacy modifiers will be included, but i must say that even a simplified version like the one that it's implemented in the actual SVN code could be enough for a RTS game
  9. just for reference, here is the diplomacy system of Civilization 4, with some positive and negative modifiers http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Civilization_IV/Diplomacy
  10. mmmh, i see the two halves inverted (the left side on the right, and the right side on the left). I use Firefox 16 and a resolution of 1366x768, if it matters
  11. maybe you could offer 2 installation files: complete, game plus videos only the game, but videos could be downloaded as an option during the installation process, like Warzone 2100, or with a command in the game interface
  12. i like to see attrition in enemy and neutral territories, and some technologies to lower it in enemy territory and to reset to zero in neutral territory. Only scouts shouldn't suffer attrition
  13. i remember that some time ago there were at least a couple of hand drawing artists in the forum, that made some wonderful unit portraits. Are they still in contact with you?
  14. something like this? http://wallpapers.free-review.net/12__After_the_Battle.htm
  15. well, honestly i see many differences between desert images https://www.google.i...iw=1360&bih=629 and the Po valley (Italy) ones https://www.google.i...iw=1360&bih=629 but, yes, it could be blowing sand i only hope that map makers don't abuse of these effects, that are great when used properly Just a question: it's possible to set the fog locally? i'm asking if is possible adding fog only around a river or a lake, or to the heights of a mountain
  16. i agree with you. So every player must discover the civ that more fits his gameplay style. A civ should focus on defense, another on attack, another on economy, another on building skills and so on
  17. you can use icons also for 'hack', ' pierce', 'crush', 'walk' and 'run'?
  18. there isn't any practical reason... only cosmetic
  19. it's a good start, but maybe lakes should be always deeper at the center
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