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  1. i'm not agree with you i like very much the music, and i found that it's not annoying just because it isn't epic. But, maybe, a big battle could trigger a music more epic
  2. i suggest you to post your comments also in your native language (maybe spanish?) because Google translate isn't very good i think you want to know if AI players can play in maps with islands: sorry, but actually no
  3. yeah, i think this system only benefit the winning nation: we need a sort of trade-off, like revolts (Spartacus rules )
  4. that's probably the reason because i've never seen it in a map
  5. currently is there a well in Atlas like the one i see in the picture? oh, and yes: i see some improvements
  6. just a note: palms aren't native of Italy, even if this picture could represent a roman city in North Africa or Middle East
  7. LOL there was something strange in these houses EDIT: looking the moddb image: so the name of Alpha 9 will be "Ides of March"? this name is one of my favourite, even if it wasn't suggested by me http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15425&st=0
  8. great! this patch affects the behaviour of archers to keep a certain distance to the target?
  9. maybe you team guys should discuss this question internally
  10. very nice it's the perspective, or the porch tiles are larger than roof tiles?
  11. i don't have any Android phone or tablet, and i would prefer pathfinding feature to Android implementation, but i agree with you: it's an open source game after all
  12. +1 for rowing animations now ships lacks of only 3 things: smooth rotation when the ship change directionwakesgraphic of row that enter the water
  13. just look the first post: it's always updated
  14. please read the first post also it's updated with all the suggestions
  15. just for reference (even if is not directly connected with long pathfinding): http://pedsim.silmaril.org/ examples PedSim Behavior and Background
  16. i don't think that the pathfinding in Warzone 2100 is so evolute: sometimes units has bad behaviour, and the maps are much simpler than 0 A.D. ones!
  17. why not call barracks as praesidium (plural praesidia)? http://www.scribd.com/doc/16755660/Praesidium-social-military-and-logistical-aspects-of-the-Roman-armys-provincial-distribution-during-the-early-principate
  18. Outpost Turris or Statio (plural Stationes) http://it.wikipedia....io_%28guerra%29 another roman structure was Burgus (plural Burgi), bigger than a Statio, but smaller than a fortress http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burgus (but the article says that it is a late imperial structure, used along the limes) Castella were forts of auxiliary units, while legions were in castra (http://it.wikipedia...._(storia_romana) ), but i think we can use your suggestions maybe we can distinguish between castra and castra hiberna; the least were a semi-permanent Army Camp, used during a war in occupied territory. More difficult is to find a name for barracks, since castra were also barracks. Maybe we can use the name of a building that was in castra, fabrica (plural fabricae), tha weapons factory
  19. probably you've already seen it, but there is another paper from the same author: A Comparison of High-Level Approaches for Speeding Up Pathfinding
  20. it looks like a brilliant solution... waiting for performance measurements
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